Alexandra Simson

Intergrative Arts Therapist - Gong Practitioner - Storyteller - Cruse Counsellor -
Reiki Practitioner - Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered

Since qualifying as a Sound and Story therapist with the Sesame Institute in 1997, Alexandra has been working in the service of wellbeing and healing for over twenty years.

After 10 years working in mental health as researcher, consultant, therapist and charity manager, she founded Story-Well in 2011. Sharing some of the world’s oldest stories, since then she has inspired people of all ages working with community groups, businesses and services, charities and more.  

In 2017, Alexandra completed her Gong Training with the College of Sound Healing and since then runs regular gong baths, on and offline - across the region and further afield to facilitate and encourage healing and self development on all levels.  

Sound-Well is dedicated to the belief that sound and specifically the sacred sound of stories and the gongs is healing and life enhancing.

As soon as I met Alexandra, her warm and grounding presence made me feel I was right where I needed to be, in safe and considerate hands, and I instantly started to relax and unwind. I experienced her facilitation of the group as feeling very secure, skillfull, and beautifully natural and full of heart. What a combo! In that glorious container I found myself letting go more and more across the day, and not having to worry about a thing. The storytelling in the afternoon was an unexpectedly nourishing experience, and the gong bath took me to an expanded yet integrated and balanced place I truly did not see coming. I was genuinely blown away, and got much more from the retreat than I was expecting to.

Alexandra is a highly experienced, sensitive and intuitive practitioner. We'd never experienced a gong bath before and we came away feeling completely relaxed and “ in tune”. Extremely healing and beautiful, we'd recommend it to anyone, for any reason.  Jane H

Alexandra is one of those rare people who has worked out how to allow their soul to speak through them in unhindered, deep and beautiful ways.  Her wise and enchanting story-telling is perfect for transformational work and an organisations’ sense of place, connection, authenticity and purpose.   Giles Hutchins, Chairman of the Future FitLeadership Academy

Alex’s gift of encouraging self nurture and connection to nature is ‘good medicine.’ Combined with the resonance and sounds of the Gongs which are played with sensitivity and intuition, plus some wonderful stories, - they all inspire ‘permission’ to be and to ‘listen’, accept, receive, let go and heal. And have fun! Lorraine HB

It was a fabulous gong bath – releasing both pain and tension. Thank you. Angela