Challenges at work?

A 40 min break with sound could be just the answer

Helps maximize employee engagement whilst minimizing turnover, positively contributing to innovation and bottom line results.

Invest in your people with the gongs and narrative, and see the results for yourself!
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40 mins to reset your team

Is your team ok? Are your people enjoying their work?

Giving them time out for themselves can help with productivity in the workplace. Looking after your team reflects better on your business and improves their well being.

We have devised an effective live 40min session to help your team manage stress, breathe and boost energy levels.

Book a gong bath for your team

Sound healing works!

Try a session - it's only 40mins of your time and could make all the difference.

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These online gong baths are pure relaxation, healing and bliss.  
Self care from the comfort of your own home.  Thank you! - Anne

Profoundly healing.
The sounds were beautiful and I could feel the vibrations moving through my body. - Judith

After a Sound-Well gong bath, I feel re-aligned and ready to face the world again. - Rachel

After the gong bath, I checked my pulse and it had come down from 130 bpm to 72 bpm! For the first time in 2 weeks, my heart rate is back to normal, thank you. - Hans

The Benefits of Sound

"It was a fabulous gong bath this morning – releasing both pain and tension."


Rest and release stress –
Restore inner and outer harmony


Relax and clear your mind.
Become more solution-focused


Recharge and feel more inspired. Let ideas and energy flow!

Listen to our podcast

Talking about our relationship with sound and how vibrations can affect our well being. With guest appearances, this is a great space for discussion on a variety of sound topics.

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