Healing through sound

The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance and the vibratory frequency of an object. This includes human beings.

Every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid of the body, as well as the electromagnetic fields which surround the body, has a healthy vibratory frequency.  

If we are not resonating with some part of ourselves or our surroundings, we become dissonant and therefore unhealthy.  Our naturally healthy frequency becomes one that vibrates without harmony, creating dis-ease.

Using the principal of entrainment, the gong is not played in a recognisable pattern or rhythm. This encourages the brain to drift into a theta state allowing the left, logical side of the brain to rest, while the right, creative (and underused) side of the brain is stimulated. This can be wonderful for relaxation, healing, creative inspiration and problem solving.

Sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years helping people to relax, soothe and de-stress, as well as to heal and alter consciousness. It has long been realised that the beneficial effect goes deeper than just a sense of wellbeing; harmonious sounds are also known to have a healing effect on the body at a cellular level.

Sound and its healing powers

Listen and relax

What does healing sound do?

Healing sound uses instruments such as the gongs, to help you restore vibrational re-alignment and harmony throughout your being.

It helps to bypass blocks and encourages your body’s natural and innate intelligence to heal itself. Healing sound is more powerful than many people realise and operates on a mental, psychological and energetic level.

It is a perfect, natural complement to many other types of therapy, having the power to enhance and amplify the healing effects of Reiki, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, Bach and other Flower Essence therapies and many others…

How can sound healing help me?

Sound Healing with the gongs inspires a state of deep meditation and relaxation; restoring balance through the release of physical, emotional and mental stress.

This cleansing of unwanted emotions such as anger, depression or anxiety – and even the finding of solutions to emotional issues, can all be achieved by listening to the sounds of the gongs.

Along with a greater sense of clarity, peace, self acceptance and love, physical ailments such as: aches, pains, insomnia, arrhythmia, post-operative recovery and more... can also be alleviated with sound therapy.

What is a Sound Meditation?

Waves of sound from the gongs immerse and ‘wash’ over you while you relax, hence the name.  

They are an effortless, immediate and effective way to achieve deep relaxation and a meditative state. They are particularly recommended for anyone struggling but can be enjoyed by all. and are helpful to everyone.  

All that’s needed is lie or sit back and enjoy the healing sounds of these magnificent instruments.

Sessions are led by Alexandra Simson and can be tailor-made to suit your personal, or group requirements.

How do the Gongs work?

Stress lowers vibration resulting in imbalance or dis-ease. However, the pure and powerful harmonics of the gongs sooth and slow your busy mind into a meditative state while their vibrations gently restore resonance and harmony throughout your physical and non-physical body. This is called entrainment’ and enables your vibrations to rise, boosting your immune system and preventing disease.  Deeply restorative and rejuvenating, by the end you’ll feel beautifully calm and relaxed.

Emotional Vibrations

Emotions have their own frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency, the better you feel. More energy flows and there is a sense of expansion. The lower the vibrational frequency, the worse you feel. Energy levels drop and there is a sense of contraction.

For example, Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+ and the greatest expansion of energy. The vibrational frequency of joy is 540 and is expansive. As your emotions move down the scale you begin to contract. Sound is measured in terms of frequency or hertz (Hz).