Once there was a well full of ancient stories. For generations storytellers would visit the well, sharing its stories with others.  People of all ages, backgrounds and professions were inspired by the stories they heard.  They began to awaken to themselves and with each other, to nature and the world around them. Life transformed and the magic that was always then, now and forever came into being...
Alexandra Simson


"Alex is an AMAZING storyteller of the very best kind; her voice is liquid, buttery and deep, while her stories are adapted from traditional ancient tales that she gathered from all over the world. A sound-well event leaves you immersed in the story for days after; it's a fascinating experience of creative listening and inner growth." (Cynthia J Hurn, co-author with Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, 'Love, Animals and Miracles.)

Story-Well is a unique well-being and training service founded by Alexandra Simson in 2011. It uses a combination of traditional storytelling, teaching and therapeutic skills to help organisations, services and individuals achieve their objectives in an enjoyable, meaningful and creative way.

Our brains love stories! For thousands of years stories have helped us make sense of the world, and as neuro-science discovers more about the power of the mind and its ability to focus - we now know it is our ability to imagine that enables us to over-ride negative thought patterns, to create new neuro-pathways, and ultimately the life that we desire for ourselves and our communities.

Working within the Health, Education, Community and Business sectors, Alexandra shares her modern take and passion for myth and folktales. She enjoys teaching others about the power of narrative as well as how to tell a story with ease and confidence.

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Stories help us to see life from a fresh perspective. They act as a safe container and springboard offering ways to explore issues and ideas relevant to you, your community and or your service/organisation.






...over and around the green hills he journeyed until he came to a small stone house. It was there an old woman sat with snowy white hair, and next to her stood a stone horse that looked as if it would eat ten strawberries that lay upon the ground.

Wisdom for a changing world

For generations, people have understood the importance of imagination. Through our imaginings it has always been possible to envisage the world we want to live in. Einstein and others understood this. For not only does imagination transfer our attention from the perceptions of a challenging world it enables us to access solutions and wisdom from deep within.

Allow your imagination to take you from what is to what if ….  Let storytelling inspire imagination - encouraging adults to remember ... And nurture a child's imagination - offering the vessel of story through which they can pour their creativity.

Listen to this ancient tale from India retold by me and discover how the wisdom of one individual can reassure in a changing world.

Crab was on the sandy shore staring so intently out to sea, she didn’t notice Jaguar getting closer and closer … “Good morning Crab, what are you doing?” he asked.  
“Oh  hello Jaguar, I’m looking out for Shark...

Jaguar's Eyes

Enjoy this traditional folk tale from Venezuela and the Pemòn people.

Find out what happens when Jaguar doesn't listen to Crab's advice and how help comes from an unexpected source. Enjoy the magic of a fresh perspective and how Jaguar came to have yellow eyes...

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Stories soothe and inspire

Stories help us to see life from a fresh perspective. They are a safe container and springboard offering ways to explore issues and ideas relevant to you, your family, community, service or organisation.

In the presence of a story you become captivated, your curiosity piqued.  Deeply relaxing, your anxieties and mental chatter will melt away as your heart space expands and you lose yourself in the moment.

How can storytelling help me?

Once, a long, long time ago...  these simple words connect and transport us into a world where anything is possible.

Wellbeing and Community Building




The human brain is hard wired for story and our love of stories is as universal as their application. Even science backs up the long-held belief that story is the most powerful means of communicating a message.

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Brilliant! Lovely to be entertained with imaginative, comforting, wondrous tales so beautifully told. Sally

It's a fascinating experience of creative listening and inner growth. C J Hurn

The absolute highlight for me was the storytelling - so magical, so brilliantly done. Gina

Her bell like tones delivered stories of ancient times with contemporary feeling.
We left with a glow in our hearts! Daphne

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Talking about our relationship with sound and how vibrations can affect our well being. With guest appearances, this is a great space for discussion on a variety of sound topics.

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