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Why do the gongs sometimes sound dark and a bit scary?

Sometimes we can experience feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness in a gong bath. This can be off-putting for some people, and yet at the same time it's important to remember that we all carry such emotions, and it's part of the human experience to have them! The very nature of such feelings means that we often push them away and they can lie buried deep within our unconscious, sometimes emerging as unconscious patterns, unhealthy habits, co-dependent relationships and even dis-ease.

I think its helpful to see a gong bath like a physical massage; just as stress and tension can get stuck in the body we can benefit from the physical manipulation to ease out the knots and move the energy on. It's the same with the gongs except the frequencies of the gongs goes deeper to massage the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies - releasing trapped energy on all levels. Sometimes this may include past trauma, an old injury, unresolved grief etc.

If we can get past any temporary discomfort (for everything is in a constant state of flux and movement), we can benefit from the relief, lightness and clarity after a gong bath without having to revisit or even remember it.

“A  fantastic, immersive experience which left me feeling cleansed, nourished and restored. Immediately afterwards I felt tranquil and extremely relaxed and headed for bed. Followed by eight hours of deep sleep, the next day I was aware of a feeling of euphoria, together with a sense of being re-energised “ (Simon)

How do I purchase a gong bath recording and how long does it last?

Once you purchase and receive your recording, its yours to listen to as many times as you like for as many years as you like. Recordings are usually sent using an email service called WeTransfer. In the email there is a download link. Whilst the link expires after 7 days, your recording once downloaded does not - it's yours for keeps to listen to wherever and whenever you want. :) To view available gong bath recordings please visit Recordings (sound-well.co.uk)

Do gong baths work online?

Yes! Many people have written in describing the benefits of their online experience including: improved sleep, less anxiety, relief from physical pain, deep relaxation, increased energy and clarity... As well as beautiful descriptions of their unique gong experience.

We use a digital, audio only platform embedded in our website along with high quality sound equipment. Access to online gong baths is via a password sent to you when you book an event along with tips and reminders to help you get the most out of it.

To have the most satisfying experience we recommend using headphones or speakers connected to the device you listen from. Recordings of online gong baths are also available at half price on booking.

This was absolutely lovely. Like having a full-body massage  without going out of my house. I've booked another one and these will become  an important part of my wellbeing practice. Gabby

What is a gong bath meditation?

Mindful Listening is the ability to be aware of, and consciously enter into sounds by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while calmly accepting thoughts, feelings, and body sensations without judgment, the essential concept of meditation. So with that, one of the main purposes of our sessions is to encourage participants into a deep state of relaxation and mindful meditation. Please note there is no requirement to be a practiced and experienced meditator as all of life is a constant meditation if one so chooses…

• When our conscious awareness is mindfully focused on a sound we simultaneously entrain with that sound. As our inner experience of reality is entrained by the sound, our consciousness and inner awareness expands, and our “rational-objective mind” becomes an aware yet passive observer. Similarly as in our sleeping hours, during the entering of ALPHA, THETA and sometimes DELTA brainwave states, when our physical body receives the opportunity to renew or restore its immunological system, endocrine system and central nervous system; the physical body can receive temporary rest from the mental and astral bodies as well. This opens the possibility for healing via a change in consciousness that creates an inner sense of balance, harmony, and well-being. Regenerating energies become activated, leading to renewed health, allowing cells to renew and re-balance their own natural vibration. Many participants report of an improved ability to fall asleep and /or sleep soundly.

• Simply put…once guests allow themselves to get past, or bypass, their analytical minds, the sounds assist them to move into their true peaceful nature, found in the present moment. Within this state of Presence, participants can tune with the deepest truth of their essential and innermost being.

• Our events are designed and intended to foster harmony, self-healing, heightened awareness & mental capacities, physical, emotional, spiritual and/or psychological renewal, stress control, creativity, ability to focus and much more. They assist people in managing and overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, self-sabotaging behaviours and more. Experience a natural re-balancing while travelling sonically...find our more about the benefits of sound here

How long is a typical gong bath and what is the format?

Typically our In Person Group events are about 75 minutes in duration. Our online Live Stream broadcasts are between 60 – 75 minutes long.

Both include 4 stages:

1. Introduction - participants receive a general welcome and outline of the upcoming meditation and Gong Bath experience. This includes a gentle invitation for participants to relax along with some conscious breathing and clear intentions before the session opens with the Universal Greeting.

2. Sound session where guests flow in a stream of universal and otherworldly sounds generated by several large gongs (40” to 28”), one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, singing bowls, bells, chimes, ocean drum, Native American flute and other instruments. Our sound space envelopes listeners in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion while the gong’s vibrational and sonic characteristics deeply resonate and harmonize all 50+ trillion cells of the body. The experience energizes, massages and relaxes simultaneously in a most powerful and unique way. As the brain waves slow down and the mind becomes quieter it becomes possible to tap into a deep state of personal healing, transformation and meditation.

3. Shunyata is the sacred space held for up to 10 minutes after the gongs have been played.  A profoundly beautiful, seemingly silent space, it allows participants to rest within a cradle of peace whilst still immersed in the sound experience.  

4. Grounding & Close gently brings people back into the here and now. Re-introducing body movement, this time is crucial allowing people to become grounded. This time includes self care tips and in our live in person events – spiced tea with treats!

In our Live in Person events as well as the online Broadcasts the first stage usually lasts about 10 minutes in duration, the gongs are played for between 30 and 45 minutes.

How does a gong bath work?

A gong bath otherwise known as a sound meditation invites you to 'bathe' in the gong vibrations and resulting sound waves. Also known as a sound bath, a gong bath is a creative, meditative and harmonious interplay of gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments. While you are immersed in the sound of gongs and other sounds there is no water involved, or clothes removed! Figuratively speaking it’s as if you’re floating or swimming in a bubble of sound, being cleansed and massaged by sound…. Sound and vibration…cleanse us on the inside - emotionally and physically.

Can I have a gong bath when pregnant?

As a pregnant mother your main concern is for the well-being of your baby. Professional guidance about sound therapy states that it is safer to wait until after 12 weeks of your pregnancy to experience a gong bath.

However, it is wholly up to how comfortable you feel. Harmonious and gentle gong sounds promote calm, cleansing relaxation, and the elimination of stress toxins. This is extremely beneficial for you and your baby.

Why not take advantage of Sound-Well’s special gong baths for mother and baby? Recordings and live events are available, for more information email here.

These can serve pregnant and nursing mothers by creating a beautiful and joyful harmonic experience to gently energise and strengthen your bond.

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