Terms and Conditions

By booking a session at Sound-Well you agree to our terms and conditions and also accept the liability waiver for live in person events.

Tailor-made training: (e.g. private sector business management workshop)
Priced according to requirements
Timings: A full day = a morning and afternoon, or an afternoon and evening.
A half day = a morning, afternoon or evening, comprising up to two hours with a suitable break. 
Booking advice for Live Events, Workshops and Courses:
•       Confirm the details in writing before the event, considering the following criteria:
•       Date and time
•       Structure, length and number of sessions
•       Nature of Group: size / objectives / age range
•       Special requirements
•       Transport and accommodation arrangements and a map/guide to the venue
•       Arrangements for paying the fee and expenses and whether or not you require an invoice.

On the day the organiser is responsible for:

•         Making sure a room/area has been allocated.  If working outside - shelter in poor weather
•         Arranging hospitality – ensuring access to a toilet, tea/coffee/lunch etc.
•         A 50% deposit is required on booking.
Whenever possible, travelling expenses will be covered at the cost of public transport or 50p per mile if travelling by car.  Currently all fees are exempt from VAT.   Where events and projects require a period of research, preparation and attendance at meetings there may be additional costs.
Gong Baths: A Sound Therapist is not a doctor and therefore will not diagnose or treat any specific illness.  If you have a medical problem you are advised to seek professional medical help.
You may experience temporary discomfort after a gong bath; this is only the case with a small percentage of people and is caused by the release of toxins.  Symptoms may get worse before they get better. With most people this process generally takes 1-2 days.  Following your treatment its important you drink plenty of water to assist the detox.  Rest and take gentle exercise.  Listen to what your body is asking for and give it a chance to heal itself. If you are still feeling discomfort please contact us directly at: alex@sound-well.co.uk
Sound-Well is offering online digital gong baths to provide you with a complete and satisfying audio experience.  In the unlikely event of an interrupted service or should you find yourself unable to connect online please familiarise yourself with the ‘trouble shooting’ notes sent to you with your booking confirmation.  In the event of a technical hiccup, you will receive an online gong bath credit.
When you wish to redeem the credit voucher please contact alex@sound-well.co.uk  so that you can be registered to participate in an alternative event.
Additionally, you may pass your booked place onto a friend at no additional cost. Please notify us by email if you wish to do this.

Cancellation policy
Cancellation of an event or course by Sound-Well: 
In the case of an event or course cancellation by Sound-Well, delegates will either be offered an alternative date, a credit note or refund.  (Sound-Well does not compensate for time spent travelling.)
Cancellation by delegates:
To receive a credit you must cancel at least:

•             14 days prior to the start of a course or day workshop
•             7 days prior to an individual gong bath (online or offline)
•             3 days prior to a group gong bath (online or offline)
No credit will be made for non-attendance.
Other than for reasons of Coronavirus or 'act of God', Sound-well does not offer refunds except where we cancel the event. If you need to cancel and we are not sold out, then this can then be used as a credit in the future.