Feel the amazing benefits of the Gongs

A Gong Bath is designed to help you relax, release stress - to feel well and vibrant. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sounds of the gongs.
Sound Healing

Restore your naturally healthy frequency. Come back into realignment with your true Self.

Gong Baths

Quieten your busy mind.  
Restore resonance and harmony throughout your being.

Relaxation Music

Used for thousands of years helping people to relax; sound heals and can alter consciousness.


Planning an event? Need a morale or health boost? Make it special. On or offline, invite the gongs!

These online gong baths are pure relaxation, healing and bliss.  
Self care from the comfort of your own home.  Thank you! - Anne

Profoundly healing.
The sounds were beautiful and I could feel the vibrations moving through my body. - Judith

After a Sound-Well gong bath, I feel re-aligned and ready to face the world again. - Rachel

After the gong bath, I checked my pulse and it had come down from 130 bpm to 72 bpm! For the first time in 2 weeks, my heart rate is back to normal, thank you. - Hans

How do the Gongs work?

Stress lowers vibration resulting in imbalance or dis-ease. However, the pure and powerful harmonics of the gongs soothe and slow your busy mind into a meditative state while their vibrations gently restore resonance and harmony throughout your physical and non-physical body. This is called ‘entrainment’ and enables your vibrations to rise, boosting your immune system and preventing disease.  Deeply restorative and rejuvenating, by the end you’ll feel beautifully calm and relaxed.

What is a Sound Bath?

Sound baths with gongs are an effortless, immediate and effective way to achieve deep relaxation. All you have to do is lie or sit back in warmth and comfort to enjoy the healing sounds of these magnificent instruments.

As you relax, you are bathed in the sounds washing over you - raising your emotional frequency. Gong Baths can be enjoyed by all and are of value to everyone.   Sessions are led by Alexandra Simson and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of either a group or an individual.

A gong experience

Experience the Sound-Well Gong Family

 For anyone interested in a one to one session, particular gong(s) can be requested.
Hover and click over each gong for more information and to hear their unique sounds.

The Queen:

This Paiste 38" Symphonic was my first gong. ‘She’ possesses rich, deep sounds which are gentle, powerful and of a cosmic nature.  The Queen’s sound tends to ‘mushroom’ due to her size and the tensions in the metal, and offers a huge range of complex harmonics and overtones which build up when played.  This is a wonderful, healing gong – the matriarch of Sound-Well’s gong family!

The Earth Gong:

Deep and mysterious this fabulous 36" Broder Oetken gong connects us deeply to the resonance of the Earth.  It's sound is generous building quickly into a wave. A very grounding gong, its sound connects us with the Earth and all of nature.

The Sun Gong:

This 32" Sun gong has a distinct sound that is responsive enough to produce rich overtones with an enormously wide range of volume. The sound is grounding, whilst at the same time melodic and complex with an organic quality well suited to sound healing sessions.

Chakra: Solar Plexus / Heart.  Colour – yellow

The Mercury Gong:

A wonderful healing instrument, this 32" gong made by Paiste also supports good communication, clarity, understanding and self expression. It's light and lively sound compliments most if not all this Gong family and especially the depths of the Queen and Pluto gongs.

Chakra: Throat/Heart.

The Pluto Gong:

This 36" Paiste gong helps to transform energy and situations. It’s a powerful, lively, generous gong that assists with the integration of new ways of being. Played at times of deep transformation in our lives, it represents the journey of the Phoenix and death of that which no longer serves our highest good. I've been playing the Pluto gong for several years, and it has helped me to grow and connect to a profound sense of personal Truth.  It is also associated with Kundalini awakening.  

Chakra: Root / Solar Plexus

Nepalese Singing Wind Gong:

Made from recycled antique singing bowls this 40" gong is magnificent. Inscribed with the sacred mantra 'Om mani padme hum' her song helps transform impurities within the body, speech, and mind.  Her sound is like that of an immense cosmic wind, powerful and cleansing. Her sound opens you up to insights and epiphanies. The largest of my gong family she rarely leaves my Sound Healing room, and is always included in an individual gong bath.

The Chiron Gong:

This 32" Paiste gong helps to access and transform some of our deepest wounds. His ethereal song soothes whilst often revealing clarity and meaning amidst any turmoil or pain.  In modern astrology, Chiron is the Wounded Healer and represents the deep karmic wounds we have endured over time.  

Associated with the colour blue/turquoise.  
Chakra: Throat/Third Eye

The Jupiter Gong:

The 28" Jupiter gong is a recent addition to Sound-Well's gong family and helps to affirm the true journey for your soul.  Jupiter is a fearless teacher whose tones encourage the expansion of your inner spirit and help you to find your destiny in life.  

Associated with the colour violet.  
Chakra: Crown

The Maiden Gong:

This was the first gong I connected with whilst training with Gong Master, Sheila Whittaker. A generous 34" Symphonic gong, I’ve always been impressed by her warm and lively tones. Like all the larger Symphonic gongs, this is a powerful healing gong which entrains well with the ‘Queen’ and Mercury gongs producing extra low frequencies (ELF's) which help to slow and lower our brain waves into a meditative state.

The Neptune Gong:

The 24" Neptune gong is the mystic and the visionary, representing unity consciousness and the element, Water.  Key words for this gong are: dreams, art, poetry, music, spiritual devotion, psychic abilities, ESP and cosmic awareness.  The Neptune gong is played when you want to gain intuition, vision, creativity, inspiration and imagination.  

Associated with orange/yellow.  Chakra: Crown

The Sedna Gong:

This large 38" Paiste gong is transformational and feminine, powerful and gentle.  Her sound is deep, organic and nurturing.  Key words include: purifcation, death, divine feminine, transformation, rebirth amd guardian of the ocean depths.  Sedna can take you to new levels of consciousness, she symbolises new paradigms, expansion and powerful healing.  

Chakra: Solar Plexus/Heart.

The Full Moon Gong:

This 24" Full Moon Gong works on the gentle feminine element within all of us. It helps us restore balance and become more receptive to our feelings and sensual inner self. It helps to stimulate our autonomic nervous system and is nurturing on all levels especially emotionally. Played at every Full Moon Gong bath, it also helps to bring things to fruition.
Chakra: Sacral/Solar Plexus

The New Moon Gong:

The 24" New Moon Gong works on the gentle feminine element within us. It helps us balance and become more receptive to our feelings and sensual inner self. Communication through these physically heightened areas makes us empathic and approachable. Played at every New Moon gong bath, it helps us tocreate an opening for new opportunities – to move forward.

Chakra: Sacral/Solar Plexus

The Sibling Gong:

This is a lovely smaller 20" gong which I love to play over people during a personal one-to-one gong bath.  In spite of its smaller size, this gong has powerful healing vibrations which can be felt throughout and at different points in the body depending on the sensitivity of the individual. This is particularly helpful if someone is experiencing  discomfort in a specific part of the physical body.

The Water Gong:

This particular gong is an homage to the element of Water. Many if not most of the online gong baths include this lovely 16" Broder Oetken gonglet. It brings a bright cleansing sound amidst the depth of the larger gongs and when played softly, the vibrations flow in a swirling soothing manner, bubbling and cleansing just as water does, creating a calm, winding sound-scape.

The Saturn Gong:

The Saturn 32" gong helps us to establish healthy boundaries and forges us in the outer fire of discipline and focus.  Saturn creates and promotes perseverance and integrity.  Its qualities are stability, patience, structure, self-discipline and protection.  

Associated with the colour blue.
Chakra: Third Eye

The Head Chakra Gong:

This small 11" gong has a lasting, harmonic, penetrating and centering tone – its colour is bright as it penetrates and influences the skull as well as the forehead, nasal cavities, and sinuses.  It is played at every gong bath and has a sacred chime that honours the Sacred Space created by the the gongs.

Chakra: Crown

The Flower of Life Gong:

This beautiful 36” gong made by Meinl is the newest member of the family. The Flower of Life tuning represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. Its unique frequencies help you connect to and understand yourself.  Sacred geometry is the collaboration of numbers, shapes, and vibration and belongs to the oldest myths and therefore this unique gong is the sonic metaphor of the creative primordial sound.

Gong Bath Events

You have hopefully experienced some of our Gong family above by spinning the Gongs.

Enjoy one of our community events across the south west, or relax at home with one of weekly online sessions. Alternatively why not book a private session x1 or x2 people at our Healing Sound Gong Room in the beautiful medieval village of Dunster (complete with its own castle) in West Somerset.

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