May 19, 2023

Beyond Words: Sound-Well Healing Heart Retreats

Well where can I begin? Everyone is stressed these days. Everyone carries their own burdens and worries and for some time I felt that the things that quietly chipped away at me, were not a valid reason to seek healing as they weren’t as ‘big’ or ‘life shattering’ as some things that other people go through.

Then, just as my physical health began to suffer and I realised I needed to focus on myself, I saw an advert for the Heart Healing retreat at Bossington, (Porlock - Exmoor, Somerset), led by Alexandra Simson from Sound-Well. I had met Alex before in her capacity as a storyteller but something told me that this day was just what I needed.

And I was SO right. I cannot offer enough praise for the whole thing; from the emails making sure I was prepared beforehand, the welcome we received, the company that was there (each on our own journey), the filling and delicious home-cooked meal we shared to the, frankly transformational, healing I experienced.

It was clear from my arrival that I was in a safe space and that the other participants, had their own reasons for being there. We could share when we wanted to or keep our own council. We worked together as a group, in pairs and on our own.

The activities and exercises were an inspired way of connecting with what we were feeling and we were given permission to simply acknowledge these feelings. There was no scale of comparison or ‘good and bad’ and it was freeing.

I’ll admit that as my personal faith perhaps did not always align with some of those there, I was worried that I would be uncomfortable. But far from it, we were a unit, supported and guided by Alex in such a way as to make me feel respected, listened to and ultimately given space to heal. Not to be the ‘finished article’ but to know that I had the power to understand and heal my own worries by connecting with what my heart was really telling me.

The gong bath was particularly amazing as I felt totally removed from myself and in the moment - which for a busy Mum, with a chronic illness and a noisy inner dialogue, was both surprising and delightful!

It was a day that I have tried to describe to others but I have found it nearly impossible to articulate how wonderful and worthwhile it was. We live in a society geared to fitness regimes, physical goals and whatever we define as 'success'. Yet we all need to work on our mental, emotional and spiritual side too. And it may come as a surprise to know how much we can grow too!

Thank you Alex, from the centre of my heart. I will be coming again and encourage anyone, even if you feel in a good space, to make time to listen to your heart for the day! Penny.

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