March 2, 2023

Dance into your expansion with Jupiter and Chiron

Now and over the next few weeks we will experience one of the most important transits of the year. Jupiter and Chiron will meet in Aries (a rare conjunction) on 12th March 2023. This transit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in touch with our identity wound and heal it.

Amongst life's challenges, there’s a feeling that comes from deep within that searches for answers and our own expansion. This feeling helps us to experience and move beyond the suffering of being alive at this time, it helps us go with the flow and evolve into the person that we are in this moment and the person we want to be.

For some time Jupiter and Chiron have been moving closer to each other - as the energy has increased perhaps you have felt it? For this transit is drawing some of our most painful wounds to the surface - inviting healing and the possibility of transformation.

Personally, I have come to recognise a deep rooted pattern and wounding of my own. I am observing behaviours learned, the neural pathways of my ego defenses built in order to survive childhood trauma where my limiting core beliefs have up until now, prevented me from accessing my Higher Self and my true potential.

This is not a journey for the faint hearted! Allowing the pain of repressed emotional wounding to come into the light takes courage but there is something liberating about releasing myself from patterns that have negatively influenced my choices. And it’s this awareness that’s helping me to move more deeply into my Heart where I am not only healing those wounds but discovering with increasing momentum, the joy and freedom of who I truly am!

What about you? What are these times we live in bringing up for you? What fears, self doubt and addictive patterns are holding you in a frozen state and preventing you from fulfilling your soul's destiny and your true potential?

It is time to stop tolerating loose boundaries. It is time to stop living other people’s lives. It is time to live life for YOU, for the expression of YOUR heart’s desires, YOUR aspiration, goals, YOUR potential.

It is time to reclaim yourself.

But be mindful! These energies can stir up some deep, painful emotions. As we awaken and become more self-aware our egoic structures resist change. These parts of Self developed coping mechanisms and strategies out of necessity and are what enabled us to survive when we were vulnerable children. They will resist but now is the time to let them go with love and thanks. It is time to expand into the new paradigm. and step lightly into the dance of Life.


Turn towards your Heart with gentleness and compassion. However painful it feels you can do it. This is the journey that everyone on this earth is called upon to embody now. It is the story and adventure of every hero and heroine throughout time that has inspired us. Have courage. Do not despair and do not react with anger. This is not the time to throw out the baby with the bath water! Breathe, take time out for yourself, become aware of your feelings and be mindful to respond rather than react to your feelings as they arise. Love the parts of yourself that cry out in pain and fear. Show all aspects of yourself deep compassion - and love your inner child with the unconditional love that flows through All That Is. Use these powerful emotions to get in touch with yourself, to change your pattern. Make the necessary changes from a place of awareness.

Have you ever wondered why your suffering seems to loop round and round? It’s as if we are irresistibly drawn to live through the same pain, the same kind of relationships or events again and again until we find the peace and healing we’re searching for.

I believe we choose our life, including the suffering that comes with it. I believe we have soul contracts with those who show up in our lives to help us evolve and transcend old wounds. I believe we are more powerful and capable than we realise, and that it is our experience of life especially the pain that enables us to reach for a deeper, richer, more satisfying experience and ultimately a more loving, more joyful and more peaceful one.

Stepping beyond what we know involves taking risks. The unknown can trigger feelings of vulnerability. When we put ourselves out there and take risks, will we be rejected? Will we fail to measure up to who we secretly believe we could be on the inside?
Not living up to our own Heart’s desire can feel like agony. The pain of living an unfulfilled life, where we long to fulfil our potential but don’t feel worthy enough to believe in ourselves and our deepest longings.
Chiron – Key words: Vulnerability, Shame, Guilt, Inadequacy

Feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy are endemic in our culture.

Many feel guilty because for whatever reason (deep-rooted parental or societal conditioning, religious conditioning “you’re a sinner”) we believe there’s something fundamentally wrong with us, and that we don’t deserve “more”.

Being human means we make mistakes. Being human means we suffer. Yet for many, these mistakes and the suffering are evidence they are flawed leading to deep rooted feelings of shame and an avoidance of living life to the full.

Jupiter Conjunct Chiron In Aries – The Root Of The Wound

According to astrologers, Jupiter rules society – with its norms and unwritten rules. When Jupiter conjuncts Chiron, Jupiter will show us how our individual wound (Chiron in Aries) is connected to learned models of beliefs and behaviours (Jupiter).

Chances are, a lot of your pain and suffering is rooted in some social models or behaviours. Jupiter will put the magnifying glass on your Chiron wound so that you can see it for what it is.

Jupiter expands everything it touches. When Jupiter meets Chiron, Jupiter will expose – and even blow out of proportions – our wound. Our Chiron wound WILL be triggered, there’s no way around it.

But with Jupiter comes a solution.

Jupiter is the planet of consensus and coherence.

Jupiter’s role is to help us connect the dots to find a greater and more meaningful whole.

So when Jupiter meets Chiron in March 2023, our wound will finally make sense to us. Something will click, and the awareness of what our wound is about and how it is triggered, will help us heal it.

Support yourself on this your healing journey into the Heart.

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