October 20, 2022

Finding Gold in the Shadow of Eclipse Season

Have you ever wondered how an eclipse influences your personal experience?

There is a beauty and drama of an eclipse that’s not always been appreciated. Once there was a time when peoples of the world found these cosmic events unsettling. Different tribes and cultures saw an eclipse as a struggle, and it seemed that conflict was usually the underlying theme of their stories.

Miwok Indians living in North America saw eclipses as a sign of the continual power struggle between the sun and the moon. An Amazonian tribe in Brazil say an eclipse occurs when the eye of the sun or the moon is pierced by the arrow of a small boy. The damage bloodies and darkens the eye, but when a shaman removes the arrow, the eye is healed and the eclipse passes. Meanwhile in Armenia and China the belief was that an eclipse happened when the sun or moon was devoured by a dragon.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine what it must have been like for our ancestors when they saw the ordinary world of daylight transform without warning into an eerie, untimely night or when the moon turned blood-red!

Either way, we get to experience something unusual and spectacular. And on a personal level, eclipses are like cosmic catalysts that trigger endings and push us towards the new beginnings we may have been resisting. As with most shifts, the key is to relax and go with the flow. For its when we contract and go into a state of resistance that we often experience pain associated with tension and fear.

From an astrological perspective, the sun - symbolises life force energy, warmth, light and creativity represents the conscious mind. The moon, which reflects the light of the sun at night represents our emotions, and unconscious

Solar Eclipses occur during New Moons. They reveal “new beginning possibilities” in a supercharged way. During a Solar Eclipse the moon blocks out the light of the sun, allowing unconscious patterns and emotions to be revealed which present opportunities to reflect, heal, and transmute lower frequency patterns.

Lunar Eclipses happen during the Full Moon, and reveal where there’s a need to let go, bring something to completion, or allow something to fall away. This can sometimes be abrupt like losing a job, or breaking up with a partner, but when you stay present and observe the changes that are being triggered within or around you, you can claim the opportunity to become aware of what you truly desire. As always, self-awareness is the key helped by asking the question, How can I now relax and release that which no longer serves my highest good and embrace this change in order to evolve, transform and grow?

Eclipse for the Heart - Healing Sound

When you're open, willing, and allowing, eclipse energy can be navigated with grace and ease where an eclipse becomes a threshold encouraging us to move into higher states of love, joy, peace and light. But first we must learn to let go and to release that which holds us back. How we do that is a personal choice. My personal preference is with Healing Sound.

Many studies have been made of the benefit of sound therapy, for both physical and emotional health. For over five years I have witnessed how sound baths and the gongs can be a powerful catalyst for timely shifts and change - a subtle vehicle for inner transformation.

Sound-Well's Gong Family

The soothing vibrations of these extraordinary instruments creates a profound healing sound experience giving us the chance to let go of a current situation and perhaps allow in some new consciousness or guidance. In a unique, relaxing and beautiful way uncomfortable physical symptoms, old wounds, unconscious patterns, emotional blocks - some we didn't know we had can be dislodged, released and cleansed… inviting in your natural flow and higher vibrations of love, peace and light.

Join us live online for the Eclipse of the Heart Sound Meditation (or order your recording here) and harness these natural, cyclical energies that support our transformation. Your choice. You don’t have to do anything, but I’m sure like me you've learned at some point that when we resist change we tend to prolong our own suffering.

Your Choice – Your Journey

Are you willing to change? Do you need a wake-up call to let go of something you're holding onto even through you know it doesn't serve your highest good?  

Are you needing some sort of push to realign you with your highest purpose?

Get ready! During Eclipse Cycles its often the things that need to be revealed, shaken up, changed, or even destroyed that have a way of being triggered and coming to the surface.

How to Experience these Energies with Grace and Ease?

Support yourself in making the most of these energies at this time by detaching from the outcome and - let go.

Stay present, centred and adaptable. Expect to be surprised and delighted.

Allow the Grace of the Divine to reach you and guide you through any transitions or transformations so you can come into alignment with the highest possibilities for you.

Remember that as you release what no longer serves, you create space for new creative inspiration, and the highest levels of your Divine expression.

What do you really want to manifest, experience, and create in your life?

Dream big! Imagine and feel into what your most radiant high vibrational life would look and feel like… Don’t let your old patterns and ways of thinking limit you or your natural potential.

Expect the Unexpected

Everything is out of the ordinary during an eclipse. Even when people know it’s coming, They still feel excited. And it’s easy to see why. I remember the total solar eclipse in 1999, when evening fell during a summer’s afternoon. The wind dropped, birds tucked heads under wings and even the sea calmed as stillness fell across land and sky.

The natural world is extraordinary. The perfection of All That Is, is breath-taking.  We only have to experience the seasonal wheel turning to know that the Universe is magical.

Where’s the Gold?

These eclipse events offer us the perfect moment to plant seeds of intention. They encourage us to sharpen our focus, to engage with our imaginations and to envision a world we want to live in.  And no matter how intense these energetic shifts may feel, they ultimately guide us home to our highest Selves and to a healthier, more vibrant life!

Join us for the Online Sound Meditation with Gongs 'The Eclipse for the Heart', Monday 24th October 8pm - 9.15pm GMT and book your place here now.

Or order your very own recording here and receive it in your mailbox the day of the eclipse.