January 11, 2023

Heart-warming Tales: Friday 27th January, 7.30pm, The Regal Theatre Bar, Minehead

Heart-warming Tales

Friday 27th January                   

7.30- 9.15pm (with interval)   


“Magical!” - “A superb evening” - “We were captivated.”

Relax in the cosy, friendly setting of the Regal Theatre bar in Minehead, West Somerset.

Enjoy the return of some heart-warming winter storytelling. Allow your imagination to take you on a magical journey to realms where the promise of spring and transformation is real and eternal beings offer wise counsel.


Suitable for 10 – 100 year olds!

Tickets: £6 - The Regal Theatre - Minehead. Drama, comedy, dance, music and performance of all kinds.

The Regal Box Office

Open: Mon  to Sat, 9.30am - 12pm

Tel: 01643 706430