August 30, 2021

Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

Ajna - The Third Eye and Sixth Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, also called Ajna, is the sixth energy centre and the source of your inner guidance and intuition. Located between and slightly above the eyes it is physically connected to the brain, pituitary, and pineal glands, as well as associated with hormones & growth. Known as the inner eye, or “Ajna” (to perceive) in Sanskrit, this is the chakra of the mind which relates to your inner vision.  It's also, the seat of the “inner Guru”, which is the source of inner guidance, and the “eye of intuition”, through which one enters the astral and psychic dimension of consciousness and receives revelation and insight.

The Third Eye Chakra is sometimes known as the “mother” of the 7 Chakras. The Third Eye Chakra is the eye of the soul, the Seer, the centre of presence and perception, the omega point in which all the others chakras impressions are being perceived. For this reason, it has also been called the “Seat of the Soul.”

This is the chakra of intuition, wisdom and our sixth sense interacts with the rational mind in order to deepen our intuitive insight enough to see, and the intellect to understand both sides of every event or story beyond the veil of illusion known as “Maya.”

Symbolism of the Third Eye Chakra:

The two-petalled lotus, one represents the moon and the other, the sun. Within the lotus, a round circle symbolizes the void. Within the circle, an inverted triangle representing Shakti, and above it a Shivalingam.

Element: Light

Colour: Purple

Sense: Mind, or the sixth, intuitive sense.

Energy body: Vijnanamaya Kosha (the layer of psychic development).

Seed-mantra: Om

Quest: The quest for the most reliable source of knowledge and wisdom, as one’s source of solid truth.

Qualities: Realistic, watchful, attentive, perceptive, curious, silent, intuitive.

Blocking Fears: Disorientation, confusion, not knowing what is true.

Catharsis: Associative writing and speaking to negate all inner voices and reach silence.

Helpful Bach flowers: Cerato (for a clear decision-making), White Chestnut (for repetitive thoughts).

Mystics, Dreamers & Visionaries:

It is from within 6th Chakra we find our mystical selves—intuition, inner vision and a deeper perception of life than before. This is the place of shamans and wisdom keepers, those whose introspection open the doors of past lives, subconscious pattern recognition, astral travel, and extrasensory perception.

This is the chakra of dreams that provide information to guide us, and that of remembering them when we wake. The pineal gland secretes serotonin which regulates sleep patterns and melatonin which may be responsible for our circadian rhythms. The third eye holds a unique combination of facts, fears, personal experiences and memories that are continually active within the energy of the mental body. It is learning to develop an impersonal mind and detaching oneself from physical and mental illusions. We can transcend our thoughts, worries, and fears to know our souls truly from within.

When you balance the third eye chakra, you experience clarity of thought and vision, you are imaginative, intuitive, and see the events in your life as symbolic and lessons to be learned. You will remember your dreams and contemplate their meanings. You are flexible in your opinions. Those who balance the third eye often become visionaries, often telepathic, and are not afraid of death because, to them, it is merely an extension of life in a different realm. Just as we are born perfect, we can leave this earthly realm complete. We are not meant to die in pain or dis-ease – these are karmic manifestations we have created ourselves. The conscious mind is able to evolve and detach from affliction and release the spirit from the body without having to endure pain, and this choice is available to everyone.

Deciphering what we believe to be true and what is genuinely true is at the core of this chakra. Sometimes a negative memory can manifest as truth to an individual later in life. For example, if a person is made to believe they are ugly their entire life, then this can manifest as fact within their thought patterns and as a result, they will develop body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.

The symbolism of the Third Eye Chakra is acquiring wisdom beyond our self-inflicted perceptions. It is breaking down stereotypes, seeing beyond the illusion of the media, and achieving detachment from societal realities. Ultimately nothing is holding you back – it is only your mind that has power over you and if you can control the mind, you can then ascend any limitations you currently have.

6th Chakra Psychological Meaning and Function

The psychological themes of the Third Eye Chakra mainly revolve around clarity versus confusion.

Confusion arises when we cannot see things clearly as they are. Too many thoughts and contradictory inner and outer voices cloud our own judgement of the situation. To rightly judge we need to be as objective as possible; meaning, to be able to take some distance from everything and to purely observe.

This requires some degree of intelligence that makes it possible for us to look at ourselves and at the wide range of instincts, feelings, emotions and experiences. We might be swayed by this feeling or that impulse and still be unable to make sense of them, and even to know whether they are right or false, important or secondary.

On the other hand, the intelligence of Ajna Chakra might be over-analytical: looking at ourselves and at situations through very constricted structures of thought. This, of course, predetermines what is right and what is false according to our conditioned mind.

Thus the third eye can exhibit a limitation to our possibility of experiencing and listening. When we already “know”, this is also because we fear confusion; anything that might destabilise our current structure of perception.

Learning how to remain open in a state of listening and receiving, while having a sufficient knowledge and capacity of discrimination, is the greatest challenge of the sixth Chakra.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

The unbalanced sixth Chakra can appear as either too conceptual, analytical and rigid, or too mentally feeble and fluid.

Both expressions stem from the same basic condition: a fundamental confusion and unclarity which can sometimes be covered up by a seeming clarity; what can be regarded as mental overconfidence.

When we fear doubt and confusion, we would rather present a mental display window of doubtlessness and conviction. For that we often tend to suppress and suffocate many of the instincts, impulses and feelings in the other Chakras.

While the mental constructs of the blocked Third Eye Chakra might seem quite solid, beneath the surface things are constantly shaken. However, it is a general human need to preserve mental clarity and one’s conviction of one’s reality, even when reality proves otherwise.

Here the major cause of imbalance is a very subtle one: it is the fear of not being sure of oneself. This can make one’s third eye seem arrogant, but also fearfully unstable and constantly in search for clarity.

To overcome this blocked state and to reach an authentic inner conviction, one needs to rely on higher forms of knowledge, enter silence and develop deeper capacities of quiet inner observation. At the same time, one also needs to fear less the state of confusion and to realise that it is really an opportunity for achieving a deeper, more stable and grounded type of clarity.

Psychological and Spiritual Symptoms of a Blocked 6th Chakra

On the one hand, the psychological and spiritual symptoms of a blocked state can be a general sense of a cloudy and foggy mind, as if one cannot see clearly. Experiences, thoughts and feelings are all too elusive to grasp and make sense of.

Decision-making is extremely long, complicated and contradictory. Even after one has decided, one is again tormented by re-thinking whether the decision was wrong or right. There is a great fear of making the wrong judgement. Sometimes, a great deal of seeking advice too, from relying on Tarot cards to having some authority telling us how to think and judge.

In this state, the third eye is more like an empty screen on which the constant stream of instincts, feelings and impulses from the lower Chakras is projected. The third eye is not really a centre of commanding intelligence, but rather lower impulses disguised as thoughts. There is no centre of perception, and the third eye is mainly a reactive mechanism that relies on its already conditioned and limited experience and knowledge.

At the other extreme, psychological and spiritual symptoms can be a rigid, over-analytical mind, which heavily controls and suppresses all other Chakras. It interprets and verbalises before and while it is experiencing. One doesn’t observe oneself; one analyses oneself.

There is a clear expectation what one should experience, and one perceives through the third eye precisely what one wants to perceive. There is no room for confusion, doubt or question, and when one receives new knowledge or new experience, they are rejected on the grounds of being unreal. This is because we must remember that the third eye determines how much we can perceive at all.

Third Eye Chakra Opening

Opening the third eye takes place after we have learned the more basic skills of right concentration on truer thoughts and disassociation from disturbing thoughts. Following from these basic skills one can further develop a state of deep silence and listening.

When the mind is properly trained to shift completely from thinking to listening, the third eye becomes highly activated. For this, one needs to learn how to stop using the verbal interpreting and reacting mechanism of the mind and instead move to a state of pure, thoughtless observation.

This is the highest peak of seeing things as they are. It is learning how to look and perceive with one’s entire mind without the immediate habit to interpret and give words and descriptions to something. This depth of listening awakens a different part of the mind, in which it becomes gradually an open receptor rather than an active producer of thoughts.

A new type of intelligence comes into being, and from there on one can travel further within one’s mind towards states of consciousness and being which are not self-centred but rather universe-centred. The division between observer and observed is removed and one’s mind becomes one flow with the universe that previously seemed outside of it.

The open Third Eye establishes true transcendental seeing in us, that we can describe as witnessing or pure presence, a crystal clear light of awareness that is non-conceptual and unbiased.

Precisely because of this clarity, a person whose third eye is open has a natural capacity to discriminate through observation. One is able to impersonally look at oneself, and rely on the highest forms of knowledge to tell reality from illusion.

Scriptures, meditation and higher forms of thinking enable the person to distinguish lower impulses, thoughts and feelings, from nobler forms of thinking, emoting and intuiting, and so one’s thinking is quick and slow at the same time – slow because there is a silent ground of listening, and quick because the capacity to tell right from wrong is already highly developed.

On the other hand, despite all knowledge, understanding and discrimination, the open third eye is also deeply non-conceptual. Its centre is in a state of spacious and unlimited listening. It is observant and lucid rather than automatic and reactive – a state which allows a person to be a receptor of “higher”, untainted inner guidance, as well as deep intuition and even super-sensory perception.

Since knowledge can easily become a form of mental reaction, the open Ajna Chakra uses knowledge rather than being used by it. The activity of thinking arises from silence, and so, before any judgement, one first takes care that a state of lucid silence precedes any decision-making and reaction.

Third Eye Chakra Healing

Healing the Third Eye Chakra is by putting silence and order into it.

First and foremost, to heal Ajna Chakra one often needs to deal with it indirectly; that is, by taking care of the lower Chakras’ psychological issues. When worries, anxieties, feelings and emotions stop projecting themselves onto the sixth Chakra, one’s mind already becomes much more lucid.

Learning to disassociate from thought, and realising that one’s mind can be inherently free from identification with disturbing thoughts, is a major key. We should remember that Ajna Chakra is the observing or witnessing Chakra. When we learn to observe our thoughts from the distance, sometimes through mind techniques designed specifically for this aim, we can begin to control the seeming power of our thoughts. The key here is regaining our own power of attention. Ajna Chakra is not the centre of thinking but the centre of attention, and we are free to choose what we give attention to.

Learning how to be silent, through silent retreats, meditation or even by just disconnecting from any outer stimuli, can make the Third Eye Chakra less and less disturbed. Even darkness meditation, in which one enters a dark room without any source of light remaining with open eyes or closing one’s eyes, cools down the overstimulated Sixth Chakra.

Properly using times of confusion is also important. When we try to quickly push away confusion or just drown in it, we miss out on a true opportunity because of this fear. Periods of confusion are necessary for the development of a higher clarity in our third eye. We just need to be able to allow a silent receptivity and a deeper state of listening that eventually perfectly guide us how to transform confusion into a new state of clarity.

Signs of Imbalance in the 3rd Eye Chakra

The chakra system works similar to a river segmented into seven sections. If one section becomes clogged it will affect the water flow within the other sections of the river. Each chakra can become blocked by suppressed emotions, fears, and holding on to what we need to let go of for our evolution.

However, as with the other chakras, imbalances occur and come in either excess or as deficiencies. When out of balance, you might experience headaches, problems with the eyes and/or ears, sleep disorders or anxiety related issues. Those who are in balance, or nearly there, cannot tolerate negative or violent environments, or what they see that does not correspond with what they have heard about a situation.

Physical Symptoms of a Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Physical imbalance in this chakra includes sinus issues, headaches, blurred vision, hearing loss, eye strain, seizures and hormone issues. 

Though headaches can be a symptom of many types of problems, they can be often caused by a hyper-activity of the Third Eye Chakra: a mental busyness affected by the lower Chakras. Worries, anxieties, fears, wills and inner contradictions take the appearance of rational thoughts and abuse the Sixth Chakra capacity.

Any eye problem or ear problem may be psychosomatically related to the third eye. Headaches can also be stimulated energetically by an over-activity of one of the two nerve-channels, the Pingala and the Ida, and in the same way a blocked nostril.

Emotional imbalance includes moodiness; you cannot face your own fears and learn from others, day dreaming often and you living in an exaggerated reality as well as:

·       Lack of concentration, the mind flitting here and there

·       Obsessiveness

·       Nightmares

·       Spending far too much time in self-evaluation with no results

·       Narrow focus with a lack of flexibility

·       Often religious but self-righteously so to the point of becoming tyrannical

·       Overanalytical but missing main factors

·       Delusional or have hallucinations


When the third eye chakra is deficient:

·       No imagination or visualization skills

·       Non-assertive

·       Bad or repressed memories

·       Difficulty changing their minds—they only see one side of a story which is their way

·       Generally, they cannot see the outcomes or ramifications of their actions

·       They don’t learn from their mistakes and are doomed to keep repeating them

·       Undisciplined, weak-willed, and afraid of success

·       Unable to set goals, or when set, their goals are very low


Bringing the 3rd Eye Chakra into Balance:

When you have a clear and harmonious third eye chakra, you are calm, self-aware, and possess foresight. You are not controlled or limited by the mind, and you find it easy to distinguish truth from illusion. You will also be much more insightful and understanding of yourself, other people, and life in general. Intuition will flow effortlessly to you as you make wise decisions that are grounded in reality, not fantasy.

Once you have opened and balanced your third eye, you will also find it easier to be objective and less fixated on your limited beliefs. As a result, life will take on a more fluid and vibrant quality which will help you to be more creative and spontaneous. You will be able to see life from a bird’s eye view which will give you wisdom and compassion.

Spiritually speaking, you will be able to access mystical states of being much more easily, such as the feeling of timelessness and boundlessness that comes with ego death. Some people even report developing gifts such as clairvoyance after working on this energy centre.


Explore different perspectives and viewpoints

One big problem associated with a blocked third eye chakra is being rigid and closed-minded. To overcome this problem, try reading books, watching new programs or experimenting with activities outside of your comfort zone. Even if it feels a little weird at first, try to be curious about other perspectives and ways of life.


Ground yourself with mindfulness

Our third eye functions the best when it is grounded in reality. Otherwise, we get lost in fantasy and delusion very easily. Try to practice being present with whatever arises in your daily life. Focusing on your breath helps a lot.


Get out into the sunlight

As the element of the third eye chakra is light, you might find your mind becoming much clearer if you get outside a bit more. If you live in a dark or cold climate, you might like to try light therapy if getting natural sunlight isn’t much of an option. On a physical level, light awakens the pineal gland which improves the function of the third eye.

Explore your limiting beliefs


Re-evaluate Core Beliefs

One major cause of third eye malfunction is limiting core beliefs. Core beliefs are the central convictions we have about ourselves which cause us to feel fear, insecurity,and s

Hum or chant the sound “OM”

This sound matches the vibration of the third eye chakra. Try drawing out the letters into sounds,such as “ommmmmmmmmm” or “auuuummmmmm.”



Meditation, especially with an open third eye, is always a good place to start and acritical component to balance the third eye.  Meditating under natural light is most beneficial and a good place to start, either sunlight or moonlight. (During the winter you can substitute with full spectrum light.)

Concentrate on breathing. With your eyes closed “look” at the area between your eyebrows. This may take several to many attempts, especially if you’ve never attempted to open your third eye. You might try thinking of the colour purple and trying to “see” it between your eyebrows (your third eye). Be patient, with enough time and work, your third eye will open.

Healing Sound and the Gongs

Enjoy a gong bath where you get to 'bathe' in the healing sounds and frequencies of gongs associated with 6th Chakra. (What is a gong bath?)

·        Chiron Gong

·        Saturn Gong



Sleep is another critical component of third eye balance. Be sure you get enough sleep at night which should be seven to eight hours. 


Eat 3rd Eye food

·       prunes, figs and dates

·       blackberries and blueberries

·       blue-green algae

·       aubergine

·      purple kale and sprouting broccoli

Spirit Animal

·       Owl


Aromatherapy to balance the Third Eye:

·       Frankincense

·       Lavender

·       Neroli

·       Juniper

·       Diffusing lavender at bedtime is helpful and calming.


Crystals & Stones:

·       sapphire

·       lapis lazuli

·       amethyst, moldavite and purple fluorite


Yoga Positions

·       standing forward bend (uttanasana)

·       dolphin pose

·       child’s pose

·       head-to-knee pose (janu sirsasana)

What is a Chakra Balancing Gong-Bath?

Sounds can be described as wave-forms that vibrate at particular frequencies. When two wave-forms of similar frequency oscillate at the same rate it is called rhythm entrainment, sympathetic vibration, or more simply, resonance. “Two oscillating vibrations, if they are near enough to each other in frequency, will eventually entrain” Our own vibrations can influence the vibration of others, just as the gongs can influence our own frequency.

Whether you listen to the gongs online, a recording or in person, using the principal of entrainment the gongs’ pure and powerful harmonics soothe and slow your busy mind into a relaxed, meditative state while their vibrations gently shake up and loosen the energy debris from around or within the chakra centres.  

This vibrational detox helps to restore the natural resonance and harmony throughout your physical and non-physical body resulting in an increase of energy and a return to vitality. By focussing on one chakra at a time, each gong bath allows the energy system of each chakra to cleanse and rebalance restoring the free flow of energy and symptoms associated with previous blockages.

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Selected gongs being played at this session will specifically include the Saturn and Chiron Gongs.  Both are healing, balancing gongs while their energy and frequencies assist with clearing and re-balancing the 6th chakra.

•All you need is to have somewhere quiet to sit or lie down, headphones/speakers, a blanket, pillow, eye-mask and anything else that will make you cosy, warm and comfortable!

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