October 5, 2020

Power in Silence

There is power in silence.  Silence is a natural state of being and an effective anti-stress remedy. Yet for some people it may not seem natural at all and it isn't always easy to create in our busy modern lives.

I recall as a child how I used to explore silence by holding my breath under water and making caves out of pillows and blankets. Now I find that stillness and silence come hand in hand. The stillness is like an invitation allowing me to cross a threshold and move into an opening that cannot be easily defined.

Being in a cave, blankets or otherwise, muffles external sounds and draws us inward. The point of focus narrows and we begin to hear the sound of our own breath or heartbeat. In the same way, conscious stillness turns us away from the clamour of our everyday lives. It invites us to listen to the subtle whilst offering an opportunity to discover the mysteries and lessons that exist within.

When we listen with the spirit it becomes more possible to experience the subtle sound of silence. By entering into that sound, we step into purity - a state of grace. This is why many religious traditions pray, sing or chant as a prelude to silence. It’s the same in the gong space because it's the repetition and absorption of sound that leads to an experience of the sacred. After the gong bath comes the shunyata – the ‘sacred space’ in Sanskrit. A profound, deep sound of silence that is both sound and soundlessness, that is both emptiness and fullness.

For many, silence may seem to be an unwelcome stranger. However, those who join Sound-Well’s retreats often remark that the silent walk has a profoundly calming effect on their state of being. Where once there may have been a tendency to activity and chatter, they realise that silence is not something to fear, it is something beautiful and worthy of embrace.

Let silence take you to the core of life. Rumi

To find out more about sound healing and the gongs, visit: https://sound-well.co.uk/gong-well

The retreats run throughout the year allowing us the opportunity to connect more deeply with silence through the seasons.

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