November 17, 2022

Sound-Well Private Sound Bath Selection

Here at Sound-Well, I offer you a unique experience - online or in person. Based in my Healing Sound Space in Dunster, Somerset I create a combination of sounds selected from a variety of instruments collected over 25 years. These include over 20 gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native American Pipe - all of which you get to enjoy whilst lying comfortably within a Russian Pyramid.

I offer you the opportunity to absorb and enjoy the experience of these sounds.

Gong bath sessions last about an hour and a half. You simply rest while listening to the harmonious instruments. In a unique and beautiful way, uncomfortable physical symptoms, old wounds, unconscious patterns, emotional blocks - some we didn't know we had can be dislodged, released and cleansed…  It is a profound experience.

Wonderfully restorative and deeply relaxing, the experience nourishes on many levels as the sound vibrations bring the brain to a state of calm and soothe the nervous system. Your body and mind return to a place of rest, allowing you to retune to your Higher Consciousness and a blissful state of peace.

Sessions for individuals or for two are available. I also travel with the gongs if you would like to arrange a private session in your own space.

The Queen Gong

Contact me directly by email at: or mobile: 07980 197737 to request and book a gong bath of your choice.


This is when the gongs specific to each chakra are played from the base chakra up to the crown chakra (See Resources for more detailed information about each Chakra).


I was trained within the intuitive tradition –where the gongs are played in no particular order. By feeling my way and listening to you and the gongs. I let them guide me as to how they are to be played. The result is a broad spectrum of harmonious sounds and healing frequencies that deeply relax, clear and cleanse the body.


A gong bath specifically aimed at whatever your requirements may be. For example: clearing blocks that inhibit yourself-expression or ability to communicate with confidence. If you are feeling emotionally stuck or in need of inspiration, whether you are in physical or emotional pain - a gong bath helps to cleanse and clear trapped energy which no longer serves your highest good.


Perhaps you are sensitive to planetary energies. Whether it is a full moon, Mercury retrograde or your Saturn Return, I have a collection of Paiste Planet gongs that can be played to relax, re-align and support you on your journey.


Private Booking for 1 = £45 and includes recording

Private Booking for 2 = £65 and includes recording

Gift vouchers are also available to order

Contact me directly by email at: or mobile: 07980197737 to request and book a gong bath ofyour choice.