February 22, 2022

The Magick of 2's and the Rise of the Intuitive Self

The Rise of the Intuitive Self

222’s brings a message for us to align both our inner and outer worlds.

The energetic signature of 222 is feminine and harmonious in nature. And 2022 is the year calling for the divine feminine within us all (men and women) to rise and allow the authentic Self to be given joyful voice and confident expression.

The magick of the number 2 serves to remind us that we’re not alone. The illusion that we’re divided is falling away as more and more people awaken to the reality that duality does not truly exist. Duality is a construct that has kept us pegged into a mentality of separation and division. Right or wrong, good or bad, black or white – these ways of thinking and acting shut down the intuitive knowing that every one of us is born with.

Patriarchal systems have suppressed the instinctive Self for centuries, and yet now I am hearing an increasing number of stories about the rise of the intuitive Self. People are listening to and hearing their Higher Consciousness at deep instinctive levels. Surprising acts of kindness, love and compassion are nurturing healing. And it is this healing of the individual’s inner world that is reflected in the world around us.

I love that 2 is also associated with the Sacral Chakra - one of the most important energy centres of the body. It is from this powerhouse that we enjoy creativity, confidence, and the flow of Life’s force.

We are powerful, intuitive beings of Love. This is always so. And yet it is months like February in the year 2022 that offer us a playful and empowering way to engage more fully with our unlimited, divine potential especially on dates such as 2nd or 22nd at 20.00!  

Angelic forces of Love are what we are and what we are surrounded by. Lean into your inner experience. In the rich silence of no-thing, hear the song of the Uni-verse and discover who you truly are.

Join us for an online Gong Bath to Celebrate the divinity of 2’s on 22nd day of the 2nd month of 2022 at 20.00 – and see what happens!

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Numerology is the study of spiritual values associated with numbers. Groups of repeating numbers are called cosmic signals and are ways of informing us that an area of life needs attention, whether it be to fill in something that is missing or reduce the frequency of something all too prevalent.

Since time immemorial, it’s believed that the angelic or spirit world speaks to us in synchronistic ways through numbers. These repeating number sequences, called angel numbers, bring us messages from higher realms.

Each angel number holds a specific vibration and meaning that is widely accepted in modern spiritual circles.

·         1 –Leadership

·         2 –Partnership

·         3 –Creative communication

·         4 –Building a strong foundation

And so on…

222 Numerology

While 1 is all about focusing on the self, the number 2 shows us how we interact with the world.

The number 2 holds the vibration of

·         Duality

·         Partnership

·         Harmony within relationships

·         Inner balance

·         Compassion


The number 2 also represents the Sacral chakra. Amongst other things, the Sacral chakra signifies the health of our relationships. A healthy and vibrant sacral chakra allows us to connect authentically, which further forms a strong foundation for our relationships.

Repeatedly seeing 2 and multiple number patterns of 2 (22, 222, 2222)is a reminder that the world is a reflection of our inner reality.

222 serves as a reminder to show more compassion within your life. These numbers could appear at a time when you need to strive for harmony within your relationships especially that with your self.

When you see and notice 222, the angel Haniel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Joy, she represents happiness through relationships. Haniel is the divine spirit of 2, and the grace of partnership and interconnection. We may be individual, but we are not alone.

The number 222 concerns health and domestic activity and the energy of 222 is feminine in nature. The number 222 denotes flexibility with all sorts of relationships, which is necessary for sustaining the peace; however, the family demands the most attention.

Having an effect on mankind is a goal of 222. It’s time to stop feeling powerless, alone, separate and divided. You are an extraordinary being and everything about you makes a difference!