January 6, 2023

7-Chakra Balancing & Detox Offer!

"I was a bit sceptical about the online gong bath but it was fantastic!"

From 16th January - 14th March, there will be seven online sessions broadcast live (16 Jan, 24th Jan, 1st Feb, 7th Feb, 16th Feb, 1st March: 8pm - 9pm) to cleanse and balance the seven different chakras.

With a total worth of £98 you can purchase this package for just £55 giving you access to all live sessions.

"I've just had my first chakra gong bath online. It was amazing!"

Difficult to find or make time for yourself?

If you can't make a live session you'll receive the session recording within 48 hours for keeps, so you can listen whenever it suits you, again and again!

For dates of the live sessions and to purchase this Chakra Balancing & Detox offer, click here

"The gongs come through just as clearly online and Alex creates a wonderful safe place to relax and just let the gongs work their magic."

If you purchase this offer after the first, second or third session etc., you will receive all the chakra recordings missed - plus you will have live online access to any remaining livestreamed sessions.

What are the chakras?

In Sanskrit, the word 'chakra' means “spiral” or “wheel” and refers to the fact that these energy centres are actually constantly moving wheels or disks of spinning energy.

Considered as the places where the mind and body intersect, they start at the root, or base of your spine and extend to the crown of your head. Studied for thousands of years, there are many different traditions exploring chakra systems. For the ease of understanding as well as the fact that I'm not a well versed student of this ancient knowledge, these blogs and associated chakra-gong-baths are based on the 7-chakra system that run along the spine.

The spine is like a stem and the chakras are like flowers growing from this stem, through the body, and project out a few inches beyond the body. This energy is known as our auric field.

It is widely recognised that healing and rebalancing the chakras gives us better physical health stimulating essential hormones into the blood stream on a regular basis and aiding the body’s functionality. These blogs aim to introduce the subject inviting us to consider how the chakras help to optimise the health of our body, mind and spirit.

What do the chakras do?

Life-force energy continually flows up and down our body. Every chakra centre processes this life-force energy differently depending on the emotional theme of the filtering process.

Each chakra has a specific function to keep us in balance with our mind, body and spirit. And each chakra has a different vibration and is spinning at a particular speed and direction (clockwise or anti clockwise).

When the chakras are functioning normally, they are open, spinning appropriately and the colour will be pure and clear. When chakras become blocked, the life-force energy becomes blocked leading to pain and discomfort and eventually disease.

Everything is energy and vibration including light and sound.

Every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid of the body, as well as the electromagnetic fields which surround the body, has a healthy vibratory frequency.  

The light bodies of the auric field directly influence how each chakra processes our life-energy and reacts to each experience. Our light bodies influence the life-force energy flowing through us and this expression is in the functioning of our chakras. Therefore, a change in thought or vibration can instantly shift the expression of the chakra. Each chakra has a specific tone, colour, frequency and function etc. To receive the completed version of the chart below, email your request here.

How do the chakras affect my emotional balance?

The chakras process daily events of our life. For example if the life-force energy flows through us and is processed through a chakra in love and trust, the colour of the chakra will be pure and bright and we feel fabulous and empowered.  Equally, if the life-force energy is filtered through a chakra in fear and doubt, then the colour of that chakra will be dull and muddy and we will feel fearful and hurt.

Whilst we’re in an environment in which negative thoughts and emotions predominate (eg. fear) these will affect our individual energies and bring us into resonance with them.  If ignored or allowed to accumulate, they distort our basic life flow including our perceptions and we become more susceptible to illness.

These negative energy patterns usually lodge within the auric field (the band of electro-magnetic energy surrounding and closest to the physical body) and within the chakra centres.  If this static and negative energy debris is not cleaned out, the natural balance of energy flowing to and through the physical body is interrupted and becomes toxic.

Why keep our Chakras clear and clean?

Every day, we come into contact with a tremendous amount of energy debris which can find resonance with our own energy and attach itself to us.  Just like our water taps can accumulate minerals and residues that prevent the free flow of water, so too these energies can accumulate around the chakra centres.

How does the Healing Sound of the Gongs Rebalance the Chakras?

We are a bio-chemical / electro-magnetic energy system.  Our thoughts and emotions trigger various frequencies of electro-magnetic impulses which interact with our bio-chemistry. Negative thoughts and emotions set up rigid energy patterns within our system.  These patterns are deviations from our natural, true energy patterns. They interrupt and disrupt our natural frequencies and prevent the natural healing accessible within each and every one of us.

The gongs reset the chakras. Playing gongs tuned to the same frequencies of the seven chakras each energy centre is cleansed, Using the power of sound vibration the chakras are brought back into a state of balance and harmony through the process of entrainment