September 27, 2022

Creating Sacred Space at Home - Why You Need It & How To Create Some

Creating Sacred Space

Our homes are a reflection of our spirit. They're where we are free to express ourselves and where we get to relax. They can also be busy and full of energy as well as ‘stuff’ so it's important to create a space that feels peaceful and uncluttered. The world can feel quite chaotic and noisy at times so it’s important to have space where you can retreat and go inwards to heal and restore mind-body-spirit.

How to Create Some Sacred Space in Your Home:

You don’t need to live in a large house or even to have a spare room. Creating a sacred space is just about dedicating a specific area to the rejuvenation of your spirit. The important thing is that you can tune into the love and peace that flows through you every day. If there’s an object like a favourite cushion, or a view out of a window that helps you to do that then go with it! Trust your intuition. There is no right or wrong – it’s all about supporting your connection with your higher self.

For some people, it may mean creating a sacred altar, while for others it might simply be a spot by a favourite tree that feels tranquil to you. Over time, when you go to the same place to meditate, pray, journal, practice yoga or do whatever healing work that speaks to you, there’s an energy that builds up. It triggers your mind to feel soothed the moment you cross the threshold into that space because it unconsciously recognizes it as a space of peace and relief. Whatever sacred objects you place in this space will also hold that energy for you.

Apart from being in Nature, my Sacred Space is my Gong room. Along with these beautiful instruments that have a magical presence all of their own, I also enjoy placing objects meaningful and personal to me. There’s a small shelf with enough room to place flowers, candles, stones and other objects which provide a lovely focal point.

Creating a sacred space gives you the chance to communicate with the essence of who you are. A room closed off from the rest of your home and the world keeps out the noise so you can concentrate on being. Try to keep your space simple. Remember, your life on the outside is a reflection of your life on the inside, so if the space feels cluttered, it could be a sign that you’re juggling too many things and need to slow down and simplify your life.

When designing your sacred space, consider all your senses: What helps you feel calm, comforted, and at peace? Before you begin a therapeutic session in your sacred space, perform a quick cleansing ritual to clear and refresh the energy of the room. There are many energy-cleansing techniques you can use. My favourite is the sacred Palo Santo wood but you can also use white sage or a combination of them both.

If smoke bothers you, there are other ways to infuse fresh, clean energy into your sacred space, such as using the purifying energy of sound. This could be a bell, a singing bowl or even just clap your hands to break up the stagnant energy. Also, arrange a collection of your favourite treasures—crystals, candles, inspirational books, etc.—in a symmetrical way so that it’s naturally pleasing to the eye.

If you live in a home that doesn’t allow you to burn sage or incense or you are sensitive to smoke, you can add Palo Santo and Sage essential oils to purified water, which can be used as a cleansing spray for an effective alternative.

When choosing crystals for your sacred space, always look for stones that resonate with your spirit.  Created deep within the earth, crystals have been absorbing toxins over many years, making them big-time energy purifiers. Consider placing a few of your favourite crystals by a windowsill, which will allow the sun to cleanse and activate their healing energy. The best crystals for this purpose are yellow and orange gemstones such as Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Carnelian, and Sunstone. These stones are known for harnessing the bright and cheerful energy of the sun, which fluctuates with the healing rhythm of the earth.

So if you’re looking to establish a sacred space of peace and connection within the home, here are a few things to keep in mind before you start!

Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Choosing the Space:

Pick somewhere specific in your home as your sacred space. Try to find somewhere that is already free of distractions, such as electronics, work, and daily tasks. In a perfect world, you’d want to have this area, not in your bedroom but if that’s impossible try and ensure any sacred objects are raised and not placed at your feet.

Setting the Tone:

You may be asking, what do I bring into my sacred space? A simple way to start is to connect with a few of your senses.

• For sight and touch, bring in healing crystals, stones, flowers or anything else that gets you into the mood for spiritual re-centering. If you place a crystal in your space, remember to cleanse it and infuse it with an intention.

• For smell, light incense, diffuse your essential oils or whatever soothing scents that make you feel at peace. Sandalwood is especially beneficial for getting you into that meditative or prayer state.

• For sound, play a tranquil CD, a singing bowl or some high-frequency music to send pleasure-producing chemicals throughout your body and to bring you into a deeper meditative state.

• Implement the symbolic act of lighting a candle. When you light a candle at the beginning of your practice, you’re signifying the start of your connection to your higher source or creator. It makes it clear to your spirit that you are transitioning to a new state of mind.

• If you can, choose a room in your home with lots of natural light. According to researchers, natural light helps the body stay in tune with circadian rhythms, which naturally regulate the different energy levels needed to be awake during the daytime and at night when we need to go sleep.

Time Committment:

Whether it’s 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 11 minutes, your practice should fill that entire time, and be consistent. It’s the daily commitment that brings the energetic shift in that space. That means committing to the same amount of time, every day.

If you want to take this commitment to the next level, try your best to keep your sacred space time to the same time every day. Then enjoy the unfolding surprise and delight in your daily life.

Connecting to Source and Great Spirit:

This is important. Don't be random. Make sure at the beginning of your practice that you’re plugging into a source of Love and Light to connect. This is the magic. For some it may be guardian angels, ascended masters or spirit guides.

To find this on a personal level, reflect on who and what you are and where you think you come from? Do you believe you have a 'soul'? Do you feel yourself to be a spiritual being? Or maybe a child of the Earth. There is no right or wrong. As I often say, the divine source of Love and Life flows through everything and everyone. The labels and names we give this divine energy is simply that - a name. Ultimately it's the feeling, the connection you experience and what makes you feel joyful. This will connect you with your highest vibration. Your highest vibration may be associated with a religious or spiritual belief, God, or simply a divine power that’s greater than you. Or it may be associated with a scientific connection, such as zero-point energy. You decide what to call it.

In my experience, skipping this step will mean it will take you a lot longer to get results.

Create a Practice:

For some people, the practice is prayer. For others, it’s meditation. And for some, that may be a crystal ritual. Break out those mantras, breath-work, and whatever practice you need to get into your highest state. It’s okay if you need to experiment around with these things. This is a space of learning, expansion, and freedom.

So now that you know how to create a sacred space, it's time to create it and enjoy it! Use your space as a way to connect with your Self and have fun, be creative. You are the most important person and you have to take care of yourself.