April 5, 2022

Dream Big! Jupiter Neptune Online Gong Bath

Dream Big!

Perhaps the most anticipated astrological event of the year, April 2022 is when the expansive, generous planet Jupiter joins Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

This is a unique event: Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions happen once every 13 years, and Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions happen in Pisces approximately every 200 years.

According to astrologers, what makes this conjunction so special is that Pisces is the ruling sign of both Jupiter (traditional ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler). So we have both rulers of Pisces coming together in a once-in-a-lifetime, magical astrological event.

How does this affect you and me?

Instead of waiting for something to ‘happen’ we're invited to become more aware of thresholds and to what is being initiated. Whilst subtle, its time to tune into what’s shifting within and without, to what's coming into being.  Neptune transits are not as obvious as others, but they nevertheless shape and change us in profound albeit 'unseen' ways. 

“Pisces is the last sign, ruling dreams, the subconscious mind, imagination and intuition. Jupiter is an expansive energy, and relates to the higher mind. A visionary type of energy… Jupiter offers the chance to see beyond - Grasping a bigger picture and a new reality." (Richard Stephens, RP Astrology)


Online Gong Bath: Tuesday 12th April, 8pm - 9pm BST

"I recommend you try, a wonderful space to relax and brilliant value."

Join me with the Jupiter, Neptune, 'Queen', Singing Bowl, Earth gongs and more  - live for an hour's relaxing gong bath.

These planetary energies are rare, occurring every 200 years or so. They have the power to make our dreams come true and to awaken us to the simplest truth of life: that there is magic everywhere.

Relax and let go in the comfort of your own home while the healing frequencies of the gongs help you to dream big and to tune into the expansiveness of Your Higher Consciousness.

• All you need is to have somewhere quiet to sit or lie down, a blanket, pillow, eye-mask and anything else that will make you cosy, warm and comfortable! 

Bookings at: (sound-well.co.uk)

Enquiries? Email alex@sound-well.co.uk