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February 26, 2022

Healing Sound Retreat - Exmoor National Park:4th - 6th November

A calm and safe place to come and put life into perspective. The gongs and gong baths took me to a sublime state and was very consciousness raising. New Place was as always nurturing.

Join us for an immersive weekend of rest and realignment with the healing sound of Nature and the Gongs. Give yourself valuable time out as you experience the harmonic qualities of sound and silence. And what more perfect place than the inspiring setting of Exmoor National Park with her coastal walks and peaceful woods. Within the ancient festival of Samhain you are invited to cleanse and release that which no longer serves your highest good. Let this frequency rising experience help you to open doors to the mystery of Life and dive deep!

New Place will be our haven to connect and listen to our inner voice. With a blend of gong baths, meditation, walking, private reflection, fireside storytelling, home-cooked locally sourced vegetarian/vegan food, peer-to-peer sharing, fresh air – including some solo time in Nature, you will come away feeling lighter, clearer, energised and more in touch with your intuitive Self and inner guidance.

Our generous host Heather will provide you with comfortable accommodation, delicious home-cooked vegan food, the luxury of her wonderful house / garden and home to our retreat.

* Relax deeply with a daily gong bath to help cleanse and clear your chakras

* Let Nature cradle and inspire you

* Practice grounding and tuning in to your higher Self

* Deepen your ability to listen and come into a state of ease and Presence

* Discover the rich warming sounds of Silence

* Experience meaningful connection, creative inspiration & storytelling

* Enjoy the peace of mindful breathing, walking and personal reflection

* Soothe away stress and tension with healing sounds

Wonderful singing, storytelling - the content and structure was perfect.  I feel so blessed to have been part of it. It shows me quite clearly that when we follow our intuition we are greatly rewarded.

Participants are welcome to join us on a daily or residency basis.

For full board including all meals, refreshments and retreat - £333.00

For non residents, including welcome supper, lunches, refreshments and retreat - £199.00


All bookings are subject to a £55 deposit in the first instance with complete payment by 1st October.

For full board bookings please email Heather at: helmhirst@yahoo.co.uk

For non residential bookings please email Alexandra at: alex@sound-well.co.uk

Schedule & Timings:

The semi structured programme is designed to offer space so that each individual can go with their own flow.

Friday 4th November - 5pm arrivals for residents

Friday 4th November - 6.30pm: Welcome Supper

Friday 4th November - 8pm - 9.30pm: Evening session inc a gong bath before bed.

Saturday 5th November - Morning session: 10am - 1pm

Saturday 5th November - Afternoon session: 2pm - 5.30pm inc a gong bath

Sunday 6th November - Morning session: 10am - 1pm inc a gong bath

Sunday 6th November - 1pm Farewell Lunch

Sunday 6th November - 2.30pm: Departures

Not to put you off (!) but please be aware...

Gong baths are not suitable for anyone whose had surgery within six weeks, is fitted with a pacemaker, who suffers from fits (epileptics), or anyone who is extremely sensitive to sound. They are also not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of pregnancy during that time. If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during a session.