July 29, 2022

The Day the Gongs Came to the Fayre

Do you know the feeling of being in Life's flow? When moving parts seem to come together with surprising ease and delight?

It began on Saturday evening when a friend had asked if I was going to the Dunster Country Fayre on Wednesday... And the thought popped into my head, Perhaps the gongs would like to go to the fayre!

I could only imagine how busy the organisers must have been and there was I trying to make contact with Jenny Thomas the Fayre Director on Saturday evening. Driven by the hope and desire that maybe I could join the 44th year of family tradition at the eleventh hour. And she said yes!

And so the parts began to move.... Friends stepped in and up. Exmoor Printers found the space to publish much needed

publicity. I was lent two amazing marquees that were brought with love and generosity from Langport. And even as we struggled to set them up, suddenly four angels from the Cheeky Cherubs tent next door appeared as if out of nowhere to help us. The moving parts were lining up!

The next morning dawned warm and bright. The weather gods were on our side and there was a lightness and hum in the air as I unrolled rugs and unpacked the gongs. I could feel the anticipation rise in gentle waves as this ancient land of forest, coast, marsh and meadow welcomed Sound-Well’s gongs and stories to Dunster’s Country Fayre.  

There’s something evocative about a country fayre.  Its easy to imagine the donkeys of old kicking up dust as they gathered for the annual derby, their braying mingled with the call of traders under a blue sky where swifts and swallows swoop and whistled with delight.

Still early, my senses reeled with the heady sweetness of candy-floss and fried onion as I made the finishing touches, eager to welcome people into Sound-Well’s Tent and healing space.

Within the whirl of movement, sound and colour the gongs and I caught glimpses of passers-by as dogs pulled on their leads, children ran excitedly and curious faces peeped through our doorway. Ladies glided by dressed in soft shades of summer linen and gentlemen wearing country hats swung their hand-whittled walking sticks jauntily in greeting to strangers and friends alike.

I moved between the inner and outer worlds. Greeting folk and playing the gongs, all the while feeling the wonder and joy of introducing people to the Mercury and Heart chakra gongs, the haunting whisper of the pipe and an old story steeped in legend, wonder and magic - the sounds of Love.

Shy girls and bold boys hovering on the margins of adulthood gathered in groups chattering about the fair ride and the man who wobbled and toppled after a few too many!

Photograph taken by Lorraine Hermyone Bachell

When one of the bold boys stepped forward with a cheeky smile, “May I play a gong?” he asked. I led him into the tent towards the Maiden Gong who stood silently beckoning him forward. His friends watched laughing as I picked up a mallet and showed him how and where to strike the instrument.  His arm swung with a gentle respect as he struck the mirror like surface. I encouraged him to strike a bit firmer this time with a pulsing rhythm and the Maiden’s magnificent song swelled in crescendo to fill the space. The youth stepped back amazed and for a moment we all stood silent, transfixed by sound and the magic of the fayre.

Later, two days later this letter dropped into my email box.

After meeting you at the Dunster fair on Wednesday and being lucky enough to get the chance to experience a gong bath for the first time, I just wanted to say thank you.
We’d booked tickets for the fair some weeks ago, but on the day I felt so down I didn't actually want to leave the house. I'm so glad I did.  
The energy radiating from your tent drew me in. I can’t remember the last time I ever felt so welcome anywhere. It felt so safe and full of beautiful, loving energy.
I felt the need to sit upon the ground and could feel the vibrations from the gongs moving through my whole body as well as the space around me. I felt my mood begin to gently lift and got the added bonus of coming back later for your wonderful story too.
I’ve been going through a pretty dark time recently, so feeling able and happy to walk into your space and enjoy your session was something I am so grateful for.
This heightened mood continued into the next day. It's now Friday and I'm still riding positive vibes. I had the most amazing experience.  
Giving away your time, energy, skills and love the way you did that day… I cannot express my gratitude enough. It was a very special and spiritual experience for me, like I've been reset or something. I feel very blessed.
Looking forward to immersing myself again very soon.
Wishing you much love and many blessings

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