September 14, 2019

The Power of Focus

With busy lives and so much information as well as choices available to us it's not surprising if we find it difficult to focus our energy on one thing at a time. It can be easy to become distracted by various projects and opportunities and this in turn can dilute our energy leaving us unable to experience any of them fully. More and more, the advance of neuroscience tells us how the mind is a tool and that if we can quieten and focus our thoughts then we are much more likely to manifest what we want in life.

Meditation is a powerful ally to help us reach our potential and yet some find it difficult to quieten the 'monkey mind.’ So what else can help us to focus?

Becoming more mindful and aware of the present moment can sharpen our attention and one thing I’ve found surprisingly effective in recent years is having clear intentions at the start of a new task or creative project. The key is becoming aware before I begin, and of knowing what I want from the process and outcomes.

For example, this morning I wanted to get to the allotment, pick a ripe crop of tomatoes, make a tomato soup and get to an appointment on time. I knew time was tight and focussed my mind. ‘It’s my intention to pick enough ripe tomatoes easily and efficiently, to appreciate the abundance of fruit and to enjoy making a big batch of delicious, healthy soup.”

We’re about to eat the soup for supper – so I’ll no doubt get feedback on levels of deliciousness! And yes, I did get to the appointment on time, (without being stressed) and there were some other delightful and surprising outcomes too:

  • As I picked the crop the sun was out and when I finished the skies darkened and clouds gathered.  The quantity of soup made just fitted into the large pan, enough for 14 portions.
  • I had time to leave the kitchen clean - always a bonus!
  • There were even enough minutes spare allowing me to get some laundry on.
  • The perfect parking space appeared close to the appointment venue!

So , the next time you have a busy day or even not so busy but want to experiment, see how helpful your intentions can be – you may be surprised by the power of your focus :)