August 11, 2023

The Venus Rose and your Healing Heart

For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors have tracked the movement of the stars including that of our sister planet, Venus.

Unlike any other planetary cycles her orbit around the sun creates a 5 petalled rose from the perspective of Earth.  

Her cycle takes 8 years to complete, during which there are periods where she is retrograde and direct, as well as periods where she is visible and non-visible.

These phases have a direct impact on us here on Earth and a few weeks ago on 23rd July, 2023 Venus went retrograde in Leo - the sign of the heart. Venus also known as Aphrodite was the goddess of love and the heart.

As you may know, 2023 is Year of the Healing Heart for Sound-Well. I believe the energies of this time are urging us to turn inwards and towards our own hearts with love, compassion and kindness, to find out who we truly are and what it is that matters to us the most.

I have discovered the journey into the heart space is not a goal in itself. It is one of healing and self-discovery especially if we’re prepared to release that which we think we know and to step into the womb of no-thing and the unknown!

At least that is my experience.

I’m someone who is more often than not, in my head so self-compassion is important if I am to move into a kinder more somatic experience with my Self. Being driven by goals is a linear experience – a masculine energy.

Please, don’t misunderstand me, we need a balance of divine masculine and divine feminine. The Yin and Yang of life is what creates the whole, neither is better or more important than the other.

And yet, for years, even generations we have been conditioned by a society that is largely patriarchal. From an early age we are educated to get into the head, to think and use our minds: to figure out the answers, pass tests, exams etc.

But what of the heart and intuitive self – the more mysterious yet no less powerful feminine energies?

Sensing the world around us as well as the inner world is not something that can be done with the head. It requires a softer approach – a releasing of the mind followed by a blend of body centred awareness, imagination and trust which leads to a re-membering of our heart’s true desire, and home to our inner compass, sometimes known as ‘gut instinct’.

There’s no doubt the mind is a useful tool, but it’s just that – a tool! We are not our mind. The mind is designed to be an empty space so that it can receive the inspiration from our heart and put that inspiration into action.

We need a balance of the feminine and masculine to experience wholeness and that means making space in our lives to tune into our hearts, to become increasingly aware of our intuition and inner guidance that does not follow a logical, rational or linear trajectory.

It’s almost as if the feminine works on the vertical moving up and down our energy centres, while the masculine moves along the horizontal thus creating a multi-dimensional energy field when they are both combined.

How does this link in to the Venus Cycles? And why is this important now?

Venus began a new 8-year cycle in June 2020. It takes 19 months for Venus to complete a full cycle, and this happens 5 times over an 8 year period to create a five-petaled rose in the sky from Earth's perspective!

This video shows the geometric pattern that Venus makes from Earth over an 8 year period. It is called the Rose of Venus or the Pentagram of Venus.

Tanaaz the creator of Forever Conscious describes how the cycle of Venus affects us.

Important things to keep in mind about the Venus retrograde:

Meanwhile AstroButterfly has written an insightful blog about this month’s Venus retrograde and the myth of Innana’s Journey into the Underworld. She explains how:

• In retrograde for 40 days, this is considered to be a special number in numerology. It is often associated with change, new beginnings, and fresh starts. Sacred in pretty much every religion, the number 40 is also associated with the fulfillment of promises, BUT ONLY after a period of testing, trial, and probation.

• The purpose of the “trial”, or the retrograde period, is to guide you back to your heart - to help you get in tune with your truest desires. To help you discover what really matters to you.

The Venus retrograde-Sun conjunction is similar to a rebirth of the heart. The past is put to rest and a new “You” emerges. Venus transforms from an evening star into a morning star in the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle – August 13th, 2023.

This is when we will experience a “reset” of all Venusian themes, and a rebirth of the heart.

The exact Venus-Sun conjunction takes place this coming Sunday on August 13th, 2023. It is a unique opportunity to connect with your heart and find out what really matters to you.

We are not the same people we’ve been 2 years, 8 years, or 20 years ago. We change and evolve. Venus conjunct Sun is like a New Moon – we could well call this transit a “New Venus”.

The Rebirth Of Venus
The Birth of Venus - Botticelli

Venus retrograde is nothing else but Venus’ rebirth from an evening star into a morning star.

In the middle of the Venus retrograde (early August) Venus disappeared from the sky for approximately 2 weeks. For 2 weeks Venus will be in the underworld. This is the most intense phase of the Venus retrograde 40-day cycle.

At the time Venus is conjunct the Sun, she is as close to the Earth as she can be. This is the time to have an honest look at your core values and discover what you hold most dear.

When Venus is born again - this time in the morning sky - a new you will emerge.

Venus retrograde is a celestial call to let go of values, relationships, and patterns that no longer serve you. Venus retrograde in Leo is an invitation for you connect with your heart, and act from that place of truth. Your heart always knows what’s good for you!

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