March 6, 2024

Seasonal Wellbeing Retreat: Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor: Friday 18th October, 2024

A day to disconnect from the noise and pressures of the world.
To get back in touch with nature and with yourself. It was perfect!


Seasonal Wellbeing Retreat, Exmoor National Park

Seasonal Day Retreats Throughout the Year: 9.30am - 4.30pm

😍 Treat yourself to a day of mindfulness and inspiration in the heart of Exmoor National Park. Enjoy meaningful relaxation as you celebrate the turning of the seasonal wheel. ! Give yourself some valuable 'time out'. And what more perfect place than the peaceful woods and lovely shoreline of Wimbleball Lake!

The Timber Cabin will be our haven to tune into nature and the season, as well as to connect and listen to our inner voice. With a blend of mindful breathing, movement, walking, private reflections, fire-side storytelling, peer-to-peer sharing, a gong bath, fresh air – including some solo time in Nature, you will come away feeling energised and more in touch with your intuitive Self and inner guidance.


Deeply nourishing. It was a peaceful, wonderfully and
lovingly held sacred space – food for the soul on all levels
and the gong bath was an ecstatic experience.

·       Practice grounding and tuning in to your higher Self.

·       Deepen your ability to listen and come into a state of ease and Presence

·       Experience meaningful connection, creative inspiration & storytelling

·       Enjoy the peace of mindful breathing, walking and personal reflection

·       Soothe away stress and tension with a blissful gong bath

Immersed in the soft cradle of the natural world, this is an ideal place to harness a deeper sense of wellbeing, creativity and clarity, to playfully explore whilst deepening your personal or professional development.


Your Retreat

With space to listen to your inner voice and time to connect with a small group of like-minded individuals all participants are provided with the space, inspiration and permission to open up to meaningful experience and new perspectives.

Practical Information


£88 - all inclusive.

Email to book


10am - 4pm: Arrivals from 9.30am - enjoy a tea or coffee overlooking the lake as we gather for a 10am start.


Lunch is homecooked using local produce, or if you prefer bring your own picnic and enjoy it outdoors! If you have a specific dietary requirement please let me know when you make your booking. 😊

What to bring:

Please come prepared for walking outdoors in all weathers! Bring what you need for your comfort! Including: walking boots, a stick, wet weather gear, water bottle, maybe a notepad and pencil (if you like that kind of thing!)

What to bring for your gong bath and in the Timber Cabin:

A pair of thick socks or slippers. No shoes or boots inside the cabin please. A yoga mat to lie on and a blanket to lie under. A pillow for your head and maybe an eye pillow. Your comfort is key to having a deeply satisfying gong bath experience - and who knows what the weather will be doing.

Somewhere to stay?

Perhaps you'd like to spend more time relaxing by the lake. Comfortable B&B accommodation is available and you'll be well looked after by our host Gillian. More details here.

A What Bath?! The Day I Met the Gongs

Local author, Tracey Gemmell came to her first ever gong bath earlier this year. Completely unknown to her, she was sceptical to say the least. That is, until she met the Sound-Well gongs.. after which she was inspired to write about her experience.

Enjoy reading 'A What Bath? The Day I met the Gongs.'

Limited spaces:

To offer maximum comfort and space, this retreat has space for 6 participants. If you are a group and would like to experience this retreat together, a 10% discount is offered to groups of 4 people or more.

To book your place or for more information please email me here.


The storytelling in the afternoon was an unexpectedly nourishing experience, and the gong bath took me to an expanded yet integrated and balanced place I truly did not see coming. I was genuinely blown away, and got much more from the retreat than I was expecting to.

The magic of the flute in the story, the deep resonation of the gongs, the bleating of sheep and lambs, the varied song of the birds, the warmth of human voices and in contrast ......the sound of quietness and solitude. Sheer pleasure. 

I'm glad I spoke to you regarding the limitations for me personally on the walk but Id really like to do that again...properly (without sticks and in less heat!! 😊)...but to sit and experience that, in itself was an opportunity for growth.

As soon as I met Alexandra, her warm and grounding presence made me feel I was right where I needed to be, in safe and considerate hands, and I instantly started to relax and unwind. I experienced her facilitation of the group as feeling very secure, skillfull, and beautifully natural and full of heart. What a combo! In that glorious container I found myself letting go more and more across the day, and not having to worry about a thing. The storytelling in the afternoon was an unexpectedly nourishing experience, and the gong bath took me to an expanded yet integrated and balanced place I truly did not see coming. I was genuinely blown away, and got much more from the retreat than I was expecting to.

The storytelling, for me, was my absolute favourite part.  The Ancient story Alex told was verbalised in such a way that it drew you in with a visual of the characters, the meaning of it and way the story was unfolding.  I found it very emotional yet it made me mindful and reflective of the fact that we must never lose the art of “singing the songs” “dancing the dance” and “telling the stories”.   This special talent for storytelling should be shared with the world Alex.  Its lovely to know that someone with this unique talent is still “telling the stories”

It was an exquisite day in all respects. Have never experienced nature so deeply. Have never been so earthed. Lynne

Wonderful. The flow was ideal. I felt held and carried by you Alex and the group. It was gentle and nurturing. A bringing together and meeting of wonderful people. An affirmation of the power and good of storytelling and meditation and good food and reflection. I have so many thoughts and words without wanting or being able to articulate them! It was deep inner work, difficult to articulate.

Given permission to be open - to nurture yourself in a very safe place. It is a gift to yourself - a reminder to care for yourself.

A day to be with yourself in a safe and beautiful surroundings. A very friendly and open atmosphere. Ami

The Timber Cabin

Safe, friendly, well focused with room to adapt and 'be'. A little bit of everything, joyous, playful and great food! Karen

It was a gift to myself. So much given from the day in thoughtful, skillful preparations - allowing for personal growth. Without doubt its uplifting and we all found it beautiful in our own ways. Alex you made it extremely lovely; from the venue, your welcome, the clarity of what we were to expect/or do - the stream of experiences and the lovely mindfulness, walking, sharing, storytelling and gong bath. For all of the above and also for your pace, your voice, the transitions between activities, reflections, tasks... it was a beautiful day. Thank you so much. Jane

A light way to realign your thoughts true to what it is that you want and to achieve out of life. Perfect day!

Beautiful and transformational. Relaxing and stories. Incredible gong bath - went very deep and shifted something. Its been a very stressful time in my life without much peace, finally regained a sense of grounding - didn't think it was possible.

I wanted to write (with a pen on paper) to tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat on Friday. It was pitched so perfectly. A beautiful space both physically and emotionally and I know that there is much put in by you to hold that space. So thank you. I really, really love it when people tell stories and truly feel that it is a gift given from one to the other. Sitting round the fire, warm, together, safe and feeling fed physically and spiritually was very special.

Deeply relaxing, space to be alone to cmoe back to my centre, heart centred connection to nature. A coming back to me. Stillness, flow, silence, gentleness, authenticity, effortless, - thank you from my heart to yours. Jess

Feeling my feet in the grass and the sun and wind on my skin. Sitting alone by the lake and walking and observing in silence. I slept so well after the gong bath it was incredible. Kate

It was perfect! Just what I needed: a warmly, lovingly-held sacred space for silence, nature, open-heartedness, peace and the deliciousness of a gong bath, wonderful food and location. Thank you! Magdalena

I was unsure what to expect and was a bit apprehensive as I not a 'spiritual' person. I enjoyed every aspect of the day and the gong bath was even better than I'd hoped. You are unusually able to to support people and allow them to be themselves. Nesta

The gong bath was amazing! I had no idea it could make those sounds - the best experience I've had in a long while and definitely in my top ten of all time. Aubrey

I highly recommend this experience. An opportunity to enjoy nature and reconnect with self and regain life balance. Jayne

A gentle day which encouraged reconnection to my senses in a beautiful setting facilitated with sensitivity and insight.

It was a day which encouraged and facilitated connection to nature and our quiet inner self, self nurture, and to be present in the now. Lorraine

It is a day I will hold in my memory for ever. Julia

I can't put it into words - apart from I really needed this special day - allowed me to feel and 'be'. Just 'Be'. Thank you 😍

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