August 20, 2023

Waking Up From an Enchanted Sleep

By Alexandra Simson

Dear One

Energies and recent events have been intense and I hope you’re well and looking after yourself.  Personally, I’ve found myself navigating a profound grief this week which I will touch upon in this blog.

For those of you who may not know me, I am a traditional storyteller and healing sound practitioner. Along with sound baths I’ve also been sharing a pertinent story this month about three brothers who come upon an enchanted castle, where all the inhabitants are asleep and turned to stone.

There are many such stories, where I believe the sleeper symbolises the Divine Feminine; an aspect of the human psyche that has been under attack for millennia and about which I have written several blogs. To recap, the Divine Feminine represents the intuitive Self, also linked with the body’s sixth energy centre the Third Eye.

Sometimes known as the ‘mother’ of the seven chakras, the Third Eye chakra is the source of our inner guidance and intuition. It is the eye of the soul, the Seer and interacts with the rational mind in order to deepen our intuitive insight enough to see, and the intellect to understand both sides of every event or story beyond the veil of illusion known as “Maya.

The Story of Enchanted Sleep

My take on the story:

The whole castle, including three princesses are under a spell of enchantment. The castle represents the community; the personal and global family – most of humanity.

The three princesses, royal household and even the king cannot wake up.  How can you act if you are asleep? They need help.

Something needs to happen. They need the combined intuitive heart of the divine feminine, and the divine masculine’s ability to act. It is this wholeness and heroic element that comes to the rescue.

The hero (or heroine) of this and other stories needs courage and focus along with the humility to ask for help. You see, as human beings we are quite frail and egotistical. It’s not always easy to ask for help and yet, if we admit that we need it and even pray for it… then… the magic can happen in both the story and in real life!

Help is always at hand

We may not always see it or know where it comes from, but help is here. Each one of us has a team of Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters rooting for us and cheering us on. But we also have free will and unless we are able to ask for help they will not interfere.

In the story, the older brothers lack the humility to ask for help. Heroics do not come in a blaze of puffed up confidence or inflated promises, and it is the brothers’ arrogance and delusion that leads to failure of the task in hand and they too are turned to stone.

All is not lost.

It is their failure that requires the youngest brother to muster the courage and do his best. It is his intuitive, gentle nature, his self-awareness and heart-centred kindness that the sleepers need. It is the young hero’s ability to feel and be guided by his emotions, to tune into his heart space and to ask for help that breaks the spell and transforms the world into one of peace and prosperity for all.

How to awaken from a sleep that we are not even aware of?

Is it possible that life as you know it is a dream? Do you sometimes feel that life is a nightmare? I know I have! From the Dreamtime of the Aboriginals to the Toltec wisdom of southern Mexico – around the world we can learn much from the wisdom keepers about life and how to access and enjoy our own personal freedom.

Self-awareness: Change your dream and you can change the world

Feeling numb or like stone (asleep) is not the same as feeling alive. The whole point of life is to become conscious, to become fully awake and aware of our divine sovereignty and who we truly are. As a gentleman recently said to me,  “We are spiritual beings in human bodies”.

Realising that we are vibrational beings and that we come from an infinite source of Love and Light can help you to break free from the cycle of suffering, the collective programming and any perceived nightmare. Waking up to who you truly are, is the most important and revolutionary act you can do at this time.

Much of humanity is addicted to convenience and comfort - and consequently most are asleep. Now is the time to wake up and realise what is really happening in the world. The reality is that sacred lands are being destroyed and those who resist the increasing power and control of corporations such as the World Health Organisation are under attack.

Our gut instincts are being numbed and shut down while we are constantly pounded by mainstream media and governments around the world into a state of fear and paralysis. If you have felt overwhelmed by the never-ending threats of war, global warming, pandemics, cost of living etc. you are not alone.

So what is the answer?

I cannot claim to have the answers and yet, for my part, the following may be of some help:

• Focus on your inner world more. Tune into your heart space and let yourself heal.

• Focus on what you can do to love and support yourself and those dear to you.

• Spend time in Nature, silence, meditation – experience the peace, love and joy that flows through your Heart every moment of every day.

• Feel the guidance of your gut and your intuition.

• Consciously open (and afterwards, close) your Crown Chakra giving you access to your Higher Self and ask for guidance and help from those guides working for your highest good. Praying to God for help can feel loaded for some people. The important things is to choose what feels right for you, eg's may include: Great Spirit, Source, Buddha/Christ Consciousness

• Practice discernment.  Let yourself be guided by what your body and heart is telling you. You are the expert of you. Do not hand over your power to others who claim to know what is best for you.

• Trust your inner wisdom and yourself.

• You are a sovereign divine being and with focus, attention and clarity it is within your reach to experience the frequencies and vibrations of: love, compassion, kindness, joy, peace regardless of what is going on ‘out there’. In this way you will begin to respond to life rather than react to it.

With practice, you will more easily access your inner resources along with the insight to know what is right for you and your loved ones. You will move through life with an increased confidence and calm.

Doing out best in any given moment is all we can do. There may be days when you need to focus on rest and self-care-and-love, days when you need to put the stick of self-loathing and judgement down. Days when you need to heal and practice self-compassion and kindness. We cannot give to others what we’re unable to give to ourselves.

Each of us holds a light and power of our own. Perhaps it is this power we are afraid of? After all, with great power comes even greater responsibility. We came into this world with something important to create, express or give. When we are in harmony with the Earth and our inner world, love, joy and an infinite sense of peace flows through us. There is no sense of lack. Our power is not lost. We have forgotten who and what we are and now it is up to each one of us to wake up and re-member.

In terms of my own personal journey, it was the Maui fires that have taken my awakening to a new level. My heart is filled with a deep sadness and anger at such a blatant and obvious attack on the sacred lands and peoples of Maui.

For those who have been affected by global atrocities including the Maui and Canadian fires, you are invited to join me for an online sound bath on Tuesday 29th August, 8pm – 9pm. A gong bath for healing: tune into your prayers and higher Self with the Queen, Flower of Life, Venus, Mars and Chiron gongs. Donations welcome.

The intention is that love, light, peace and divine presence may fill the hearts of the beloved souls touched directly or indirectly by these events. May the energy and magic of the Phoenix help to restore these sacred lands and birth an awakened consciousness and paradigm of peace and prosperity for all.

At a time when the community of Lahaina have lost family, friends, homes, businesses as well as the historic capital of this ancient kingdom, the USA's administration continues to send billions of dollars to a war in Ukraine while the people of Lahaina have been offered $700 per household to help rebuild their lives.

Sacred land and property worth billions of dollars that were being held by the indigenous community has been turned to ash by DEW’s. Within days of these horrific and deliberate fires, survivors are now being approached to sell their land.

Listen to some first hand, true accounts about what really happened in Maui. Hear how the state not only failed to sound the alarm but blocked roads and discover for yourself how the mainstream media is failing to report with honesty and integrity. Visit:

If you wish to make a donation, please send to the Maui Strong  - Hawaiian Community Fund at: Maui Strong - Hawaii Community Foundation

HCF will not be collecting a fee for donations to the Maui Strong Fund; 100 percent of the funds will be distributed for community needs.


Critical thinking, discernment, and self-regulation are necessary when researching global atrocities. If these revelations are news to you, take care of yourself. Doing your own research is important if you wish to break the spell of the matrix with your own god-given power, and feel able to come to your own conclusions.

We are living in pivotal times that demand we sober up and wake up to the truth of the matrix before it’s too late. The longer humanity delays opening its eyes to the matrix reality, the more these atrocities will continue to happen. Time and time again we will find ourselves facing a crises (created by those who are meant to serve and protect us) of which the solution is an increasing loss of freedom and autonomy. Whilst the journey of awakening can feel alarming at times, know that you are a sovereign spiritual being in a human body and that together we can make the vibrational shift into a new paradigm and dream a new dream.

Terms to Research

A few terms to research that all work together to create “perfect storms” of what appears to be “natural disasters” include: D.E.W., which is an acronym for military lasers known as “Directed Energy Weapons” that are openly developed by corporations such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin in the U.S. and used by the US government on naval ships and US Air Force air craft; HAARP which is a military technology that is the world’s largest ionospheric heater that is used to weaponize weather with high frequency radio waves to create phenomenon such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons to name a few; and Geoengineering which includes the constant use of spraying heavy metal toxins into our skies to also control weather phenomenon, increase climate change, usurp and redistribute moisture in the air, as well as creating the perfect conditions for the afore-mentioned technologies to all work seamlessly together.

“Resourcing your divinity to immaculately birth a new world paradigm is the most revolutionary act that you can commit.” The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code